Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reset & Restore, Day 18

I’m in the home stretch, y’all. Only three more full days left (after today) in the 21-day Reset & Restore program! I’m here for a quick post tonight, and then on Sunday, I’ll check back in with a weekend recap and some summary on my eating plans going forward!

This morning started with another rainy run. Why does it keep raining on my run days? It was coming down pretty hard when my alarm went off at 5 a.m., so I checked the radar and saw it was moving out soon. I hit snooze and slept for 30 more minutes. When I got up again, the rain had slowed significantly, so I snacked on an almond date roll and got dressed for my run. Interestingly, my quote-a-day run calendar today said “No Matter the Weather, Get Your Run In.” Ha!

After my run, I had what has become my new favorite breakfast on the reset — Warm Oats with Banana N’ice Cream. This is hot maple-cinnamon oatmeal served atop ice-cold banana soft serve (with a little Nutiva vanilla protein powder) and drizzled with tahini. Like heaven in a bowl! I'll be eating this all the time, post-reset.

My morning snack was more Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten-Free Kale Crackers with Spinach Hummus. 

And my lunch was leftover Hearty Veggie Chili with nooch and cashew sour cream. I’m glad I made lots of this and have some left for tomorrow’s lunch!

Besides Lacy’s recipes, the Reset & Restore program also includes twice-weekly workout videos by Jessica Wilkins of Mighty Steady Coaching. I’d planned to do her fifth video at home right after work, so I knew I’d need an afternoon snack to power me through that. These Thrive nutrition bars (by GoMacro!) are totally within the confines of the rules I’ve set for myself for this reset. They’re made with whole foods (dried fruit, nuts, and seeds) and are sweetened with brown rice syrup rather than refined sugar. This was Almond Apricot!

I did the workout video! And as always, it was a challenging and satisfying workout. But I was pretty hungry by the time it was over. Thankfully, I’d made dinner the night before, so all I had to do was heat up a hearty slice of this Vegan Gluten-Free Kale Quiche and make a quick side salad.

This tofu-based, eggless quiche was AMAZING! Totally as good as it looks. It was loaded with veggies — lots of kale and red bell pepper. And it had an almond flour crust that was super tasty.

After dinner, I ran some errands and realized I wanted to snack on something sweet. So I grabbed some pre-cut Mixed Fruit from Kroger. Then I came home, put on my PJs, and chilled out to some Netflix and snacked on fruit.

That’s it for tonight. See y’all again on Sunday.


Hillary said...

That Quiche looks beautiful!! I tried to make a vegan Quiche once a long time ago and it was an epic fail, and I've never tried again. I so love the idea of banana nice cream with warm oats!!

vegan1 said...

Do you know if any of those recipes will be available online? They look amazing - especially the quiche and oatmeal.

foodfeud said...

man, that oats and banana bowl looks so perfect! I looooove tahini, but my stomach can't always handle it. The quiche also looks fantastic.
Really loving all the foods on this cleanse. Lacy really knows what up.

Bianca said...

Hey vegan1, most of these recipes aren't online, and they were just available to the people who signed up for the Reset, but the quiche is online! It's right here: