Monday, January 30, 2017

Lemon Poppyseed Protein Waffles!

I tried a new (to me) FitQuick Protein Waffle flavor this morning, and it's my new fave! Meet Lemon Poppyseed Protein Waffles, y'all! Served here with maple, tahini, and banana.

If you're not familiar with FitQuick, it's Rise & Resist co-host/New Ethic gym owner Holly Noll's vegan protein waffle company. And her waffles are the BEST! Each waffle is loaded with 22 grams of vegan protein, and they're gluten-free (just because some folks need that, so why not?). It's a powdered mix that comes in a bag, and all you do is stir a couple scoops of waffle mix with a little plant milk. Then you can make waffles or pancakes!

On an episode of the Rise & Resist podcast — Holly and Lacy's fitness/feminism/punk rock podcast — Lacy cited the lemon poppyseed as the best flavor in the FitQuick line-up. I had to see for myself! Previously, I'd had the pizza flavor, java chip, birthday cake, as well as the special FitQuick vanilla sprinkle protein doughnuts. But last week, I made the startling realization that my FitQuick stash was almost gone!

I typically eat FitQuick waffles post-run once a week and supplement with protein smoothies/oats/bars on the other days that I run. FitQuick is a little pricy (about $23 a bag), so I can't afford to eat these waffles after every run. But I so look forward to those days when I get my protein waffle breakfast. The way I see it, you'd pay about the same price for a tub of protein powder, so the high price is a worthwhile investment if it fits into your budget.

The pizza flavor is probably a tie for my fave — just depends on whether I'm craving sweet or savory. But this lemon flavor has a bright, citrus note accented with crunchy poppyseeds. Perfect with maple and tahini!


Hillary said...

Sounds delicious, I'm a sucker for anything lemon and poppyseeds are an added bonus!

Raia Runs Wild said...

I started listening to Rise and Resist thanks to your blog and I love following Holly and Lacy. I love that you support their businesses; we need more body positive, badass chicks in the world (yourself included!)

Sarah said...

Oooh yum, these sound delicious! I love lemon poppyseed so I'm sure these are amazing.