Monday, June 24, 2024

Happy Father's Day!

I went to my parents' house in Cherokee Village for Father's Day, and we did a little weenie roast in my parents' new-ish firepit. They had the pit built last year, but they've barely used it. So I suggested roasting hot dogs to break it in.

I used a couple Veggie Dogs, and my parents had meat hot dogs. Mama also made a Vegan Macaroni Salad and some Baked Beans.

After dinner, we made S'mores! Using Dandie's vegan marshmallows, dark chocolate, and some Belvita breakfast cookies. Those are a nice vegan stand-in for graham crackers since most have honey.

The next morning, mama cooked a big breakfast with Just Egg, Impossible Sausage and Biscuits, and Hash Browns. She makes the biscuits and hash browns from scratch, and both are so good.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mac, Burgers, Fritters, and More!

Oh hey, it's me again! I once again forgot to blog for a few weeks, but here I am! It's been a busy summer, but here are a few things I've been eating. This Rock Your Brocc mac & cheeze from Plant You was super good. It has a cheesy, noochy base with creamy coconut milk and lots of broccoli and carrots.

These Zucchini Fritters from Plant You were a winner, too. You grate the zucchini super finely in a food processor and then squeeze and drain the water, so they stick well — much like making latkes. It was served with a homemade tzatziki, also from the book.

A couple weeks ago, No Meat Athlete/Complement held its annual online Plantapalooza Festival, which featured vegan doctors and health experts. I'm still working my way through all the audio content. But they also shared an e-book of recipes. And I made this Garden Chickpea Omelet from that. It's stuffed with zucchini, bell pepper, onion, spinach, and a little vegan cheese. Topped with avocado and some pickled peppers from my garden.

And here's a quick Impossible Burger (I think?!) from the Bayou Bar & Grill. Met some friends for brunch there on Sunday, and then menu says it's a Beyond Burger. But it tastes like Impossible to me! And I prefer Impossible anyway. They also have great fries!