Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reset & Restore, Day 10

Back with my daily recap of what I ate on Reset & Restore — a 3-week, vegan, whole foods-based intuitive eating program! This morning started with a half a Cherry Pie Larabar (I got a bunch of this one flavor on sale at Kroger in case you're wondering why I'm always going with cherry pie) and a trip to my usual Wednesday morning (6:15 a.m.!) gym class — Butts & Guts! It's a circuit training class with lots of squats, lunges, abs, and arm stuff.

After class, I had the breakfast on my meal plan today — Strawberry Dream Smoothie.

Y'all, this smoothie really was a DREAM. I don't think I've ever had a smoothie this creamy! Lacy Davis (who is co-moderating the program with Jessica Wilkins) created this recipe to mimic her favorite smoothie at Harlow in Portland. Rather than my usual banana, this smoothie has soaked cashews (I didn't soak mine because Vitamix!) and avocado, as well as frozen strawberries. I've used avocado in smoothies before but never with cashews too. The combo makes this smoothie something akin to cream pie in a glass!

My snacks today were the same as yesterday. I had Carrots and Spinach Hummus in the morning at my desk. No internet again today!! My boss brought a hotspot in that worked for awhile, until we had too many people needing to get online at once.

I went home for lunch again and had leftover Thai Red Curry. This was so good, and I'm sad it's gone now. And a small portion of the remaining Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Soup from Monday night. Also very good. I love leftovers!

In the afternoon, I went back to Otherlands — the coffee house where I worked yesterday morning too — to steal internet and have some tea. Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea this time. (By the way, I'm happy to report that, as I'm typing this at home, my internet is back up and running!).

My afternoon snack was another Sweet Potato with Nut Butter. I opted to have this again today because I had a yoga class at 6:15, and I knew this would keep me full until I could get home and eat a proper dinner. But today, I went with Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter rather than almond butter just because it sounded good. And it was!

Dinner was Lacy's Macro Bowl (inspired by her favorite bowl at Portland's Prasad). This is the same bowl that was featured as the cover photo on the Reset & Restore Eventbrite page when they were selling tickets for the plan. And I drooled over that pic for weeks before the reset started.

Mine isn't quite as pretty as Lacy's, but it was oh-so-tasty. Bowls like this just make me feel so good for hours. This had baked maple tempeh, brown rice, blackeyed peas, steamed kale, sauerkraut, homemade peanut sauce, avocado, and sesame seeds. All my favorite things! I can't wait to eat this again for lunch tomorrow.


Hillary said...

That smoothie looks delicious! I've never used cashews in a smoothie, but I love avocados in smoothies! Your dinner bowl looks amazing too, I'm really craving peanut sauce!!

House Vegan said...

This sweet potato with nut butter thing you've got going on is blowing my mind!

Unknown said...

Looking at yoir delicious meals i would never guess this was some sort of reset program...! Cashews in the smoothie sound fantastic- just hard for me to want a smoothie in the winter. And that dinner could easily be from one of those farm to table restaurants! Looks like a great combo of flavors and textures in it

Jennifer said...

That macro bowl sounds yummy. I love bowls but I am always too lazy to make all the different components.