Monday, April 23, 2018

Paul's 38th Birthday

Sorry for not posting last night, but we were out celebrating Paul's 38th birthday! He requested Hopdoddy, Memphis' newest burger bar in Overton Square. And that was fine with me because they serve the Impossible Burger!

Paul eats meat, and he wanted the Breakfast Burger, but many in our party are vegans and vegetarians, so this was the perfect place for all of us. Of course, I ordered the Impossible Burger with Vegan Smoked Gouda. And Paul and I shared a giant bowl of the Kennebec Fries. This burger is, by far, the best vegan burger out there. It's so meaty and greasy. LOVE IT!

Paul always requests Chocolate Cupcakes, so that's what he got again this year. I used the chocolate cupcake and buttercream recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World — my go-to recipes for years. They never fail. I made minis since I knew we'd all be too stuffed from our burgers for a full-sized cupcake.

The recipe made 36 minis, and I took 24 to the restaurant. It took many hands to light them!

Here's Paul making his birthday wish.

And here's the whole gang! Afterward, some of us went bowling. I stayed up way too late for a work night (midnight!), but special occasions call for such things!


Hillary said...

Your burger looks amazing!! An the little cupcakes are too cute! Happy belated birthday to Paul!

Sarah said...

Happy Belated to Paul!! What a fun celebration! That place sounds amazing and your impossible burger looks so authentic it is crazy! That melty cheese, my goodness! The cupcakes are adorable and smart thinking on the minis ;)

Unknown said...

Is Paul making a wish or reliving himself? Lol

Moby said...

Thank you!

Moby said...


Moby said...

Maybe both? 😬

Susan said...

Happy birthday Paul!
I 100% am on board with the size of that bowl of chips!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday paul!! What a perfect choice for a birthday dinner-who doesn’t love a burger and fries??
Totally adorable cupcakes! I like minis because there’s a higher frosting to cake ratio :))