Sunday, April 8, 2018

More Stuff I Ate

Sad news! I fractured my left foot during Saturday's 20-mile training run, which was supposed to be my last really long run before the Nashville Rock & Roll Marathon in three weeks. BUMMER. Now I'm back in the boot and down for the count. I've had a stress fracture in my other foot before, and that healing process was long and slow. I won't be running for awhile, sadly.

I drowned my sorrows immediately after that painful run with a gigantic plate of Spaghetti & Vegan Meat Sauce with Garlic Bread and Garlic Kale from Imagine Vegan Cafe. I couldn't eat all that spaghetti cause that's a boatload, but I finished off a good portion and saved the rest for later. I was sad about my foot but ravenous from my run.

Here's a meal I ate before last weekend's long run. Vanilla Cranberry Steel Cut Oats with Cashew Butter. I'll sure miss my Saturday long runs.

And here's a Chocolate Brownie FitQuick Protein Waffle with Chocolate PB Sauce & Berries that I ate after last Thursday's speedwork run. Sigh ... I'll miss those post-run waffles too.

Okay, no more whining about my food in this post! Here's a Blueberry Smoothie Bowl (base of blueberries, banana, and vanilla protein powder with strawberries, blueberries, and pistachio mulberry granola).

My non-running day breakfasts look more like this plate of Avocado Toast and Scrambled Vegan Egg. I will be enjoying more breakfasts like this! Bright side.

And here's a random Thursday lunch from Mama Gaia in Crosstown Concourse. I went to yoga at the Church Health YMCA and then grabbed a Smokehouse Vegan Burger with Baked Fries from Mama Gaia for lunch. The burger is so good, and it's made from beans and beets and veggies, topped with caramelized onion, BBQ sauce, and vegan cheese.


Natalie said...

:( :( :(

Sorry to hear about your foot. Sending healing vibes your way!!!

Cadry said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your foot! That's so disappointing for you this close to the race. Big hugs to you!

Hillary said...

I am so sorry about your foot. What a disappointment!

Anonymous said...

Oh noooooooo! That sucks so bad about your foot. What are you going to do instead of running while your foot heals? You need some kind of alternative so you don't go completely insane (I know because I've been there.) At least you should be able to enjoy some nice summer running weather when it's all healed up.

Unknown said...

Oh man!! That really really really sucks! And i just can’t imagine how painful it is...
i had a friend who was a hard core runner and she had something similar happen, her dr recommended swimming once it had healed enough and she discovered she loved swimming even more :)
Your meals look crazy amazing as always. That smoothie especially! I wish it would get warm enough for smoothies here, I can’t handle them when it’s still cold out.

Susan said...

Sorry about your foot. :(

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! Taking a break from a workout routine sucks! You eventually get use to it, but it is so hard to get back into it. As always the foot looks top notch.