Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vida Vegan Con Send-Off!

Hey y'all! I'm headed to Austin for Vida Vegan Con III! I hope to see many of y'all there, and if you can't make the drive/flight, I promise to come back with lots of photos and treats and tales of vegan hugs.

It's the last VVC ever, and I'm so honored to have been asked to speak at all three! But I'm very sad that it's ending. I love having the chance to meet up and hang out with my fave blogger friends every couple years. Looks like we'll need to start a new tradition (meetup at Vegan Beer Fest anyone?).

This year, I'm doing a DIY Homebrewing demo at Friday's Vegan Bazaar (it's open to the general public, so even if you're not a conference attendee, you can come!). And I'm leading a discussion about the ethics of vegan dining and boozing on Sunday during the conference. We'll be discussing the questions we ask when dining out or ordering booze and why we ask or don't ask certain questions. Finally, on Monday, I'll be doing something awesome and top-secret that I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about yet, but I'll let y'all know when I can!

Most importantly, I'll be having all this fun with my life-long bestie and fellow vegan Sheridan! She and her partner Drew are coming too!

See y'all next week. Probably won't be posting again until Tuesday night, so see y'all then!


Katie said...

Ahhhhhh, SO PUMPED!!! Can't wait to see you and to meet the BFF! And this top secret thing has me jonesing to know what's up!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Can you record the talk? Please!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Have a blast!! I'm so jealous - I'd love to go! My bff actually moved down to Austin a few years ago and this would've been an awesome time to go down to see her/go to vida vegan con! Plus Austin is just amazing. Enjoy!! :) Can't wait to see your pics/reviews!

tamara said...

Have fun! I hope you'll post a summary of what you say at the ethics of dining out panel. I am really interested in your take on this (and it's similar to my own). I have been having a really hard time handling all the Austin vegan photos popping up in my IG feed. Popcorn tofu!!! I want it!!

River said...

Yay! Have fun! The antisocial hermit in me will enjoy living vicariously through all you lucky people who get to go to VVC :)

Babette said...

Cant't wait to hear all about it.