Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#FuelYourBetter & Vega Sport Mocha!!

Well, I'm still not back to running. Been out of the game with a bad case of runner's knee since the Little Rock Half on March 1st. But it doesn't bother me while walking or really even squatting right now, so tomorrow, I'm gonna get back out there and see what I can do. Even if I can just run for 10 minutes, I'll be happy.

But I gotta get back to running soon because I plan to run my first full marathon this December. And quite frankly, it's nearly impossible for me to burn more calories than I eat (and drink) without running. Long breaks are not good for my pants. And I can't afford new pants. So that said, I'm super excited about Vega's new #FuelYourBetter campaign for runners.

The makers of my favorite vegan protein powder have posted FREE 10K, Half, and Full Marathon training plans. And they've included fueling plans with what to eat before, during, and after your training runs, as well as meal plans (with free breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes) for how to best eat while training for a race. And they've even posted some sample playlists (with contributions from Vega blogger fans, including yours truly!).

I'll definitely be using their full marathon training plan closer to race day. I'd been looking for a good plan, and this one seems perfect with lots of specifics on what days to do different types of runs (tempos, hill repeats, speedwork, etc.).

I'm also super excited about the new Vega Sport Performance Protein in Mocha!

Mocha flavor came out in the Vega One formula a few months ago, but now it's available in the Sport blend. Vega Sport is specially formulated to help you recharge and rebuild, so you can reduce recovery time between training sessions. There are 25 grams of plant-based protein (pea, sacha inchi, sprouted brown rice, and alfalfa) in every scoop. Plus, there is calcium, amino acids, and digestive enzymes.

I created a new recipe using Vega Sport Mocha that's ideal for kicking off your morning after a long run. Here's my Mexican Mocha Protein Smoothie!

Mexican Mocha Protein Smoothie
1 cup plant milk (I used vanilla coconut)
1/2 cup cold strong coffee
1 frozen banana
1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein Mocha
1 tsp. cinnamon
Pinch of cayenne
A few ice cubes

Put the ingredients in a blender and blend on high until creamy!


Crista said...

c'mon - that looks AMAZING! i love Vega's powders - found your blog via twitter, the VidaVeganCon hashtag - I hope to run in to you in Austin, let's get crunk?

Bisuzs Coffee said...

Such a healthy and delicious sport mocha smoothie!! Another awesome vegan recipe of yours!