Monday, August 25, 2014

We All Scream for Ice Cream Sundaes! And Hot Nails!

I'm starting a new tradition — Friday night ice cream sundae night.

Yep, that was my dinner on Friday. No real food. Just vegan ice cream topped with candy, cookie bits, fudge, rice whip, and a cherry on top. Hey, I'm a grown-up. I can do whatever I want.

What's even better is I didn't have to leave home to go buy all this stuff. Everything in this sundae was included in the Vegan Cuts Ice Cream Sundae Kit. Earlier this month, I saw this in an email newsletter from Vegan Cuts, and I just had to have it.

For $24.95, I got all this — coupon for Free Coconut Bliss ice cream, Rice Whip, No No's (candy-coated, chocolate-covered marshmallows), Lush Coffee Peanuts, Goody Good Stuff gummy colas, Home Free gluten-free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Love Bean Superfood Coconut Fudge, and Cherry Man Maraschino Cherries!

God, I love Vegan Cuts! I had the pleasure of meeting (and karaoke-ing with) Jill and John at the first Vida Vegan Con in 2011, and that was the first I'd heard of the vegan discount website. Basically, it's like Groupon for vegans. They offer sweet deals on hard-to-find vegan products. But in the past couple years, the box side of their business has really taken off! They have snack boxes and beauty boxes and vegan family kits and ice cream sundae kits and all manner of fun vegan items curated into boxed gift sets.

I also ordered the Vegan Cuts Nail Box. I grabbed one for me and one for my friend Sheridan for her birthday.

For $24.95, I got Arrowhead Nail Wraps by So Gloss!, Black Sheep Lacquer in Cloudy Skies (turquoise), Adorn polish in Vive Le Coquette (a rosy color), Elysian Nail Lacquer in Queen of the Amazons (orange) and Night with No Moon (blue), and Lip Glosserie Cuticle Balm in Champagne Sugar. Oh, and a Vegan Cuts nail file and a La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Wipe that smelled like blood oranges!!!!

I've not had a chance to try everything yet. But I immediately tried out the Elysian Night with No Moon polish.

And then, just last night, I applied the nail wraps. It was my first experience with wraps, but they're fun! And I have a feeling these will last longer than polish usually does.

Both kits are still available from Vegan Cuts, by the way. Here's the link for the ice cream kit and here's the link for the nail kit. You too can have ice cream for dinner! And hot nails!

8 comments: said...

I still haven't tried nail wraps - I need to get on that. I have some in the house! Also the ice cream sundae kit looks super awesome, I love those cola tummies.

Caitlin said...

look at you and your vegan cuts splurge! how fun! that ice cream sundae looks particularly insanely awesomely delicious!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I could go for an ice cream sundae kit, that looks awesome.
Unfortunately we don't have Vegan Cuts here, so I will just have to make my own.

Susan said...

Sorry, for some reason it posted my comment twice, then I deleted one and it changed it to 'this comment has been deleted by the author'.
It is just exactly the same as the other comment, nothing scandalous. ;)

foodfeud said...

Delicious, delicious tradition.

Sarah said...

How fun!! The sundae looks delicious and it definitely looked like it would be fun to create! The nails are so cute, I love the pattern! I've never tried nail wraps, I feel like I'd mess them up but I do want to try them!

Megan said...

No No's are, hands down, my favorite!