Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Vegan Bolognese, Avo Sourdough, & More!

Late last week, I discovered half a loaf of LuLu's country sourdough bread in my freezer! I must have frozen it and forgotten all about it. So on Friday morning, I used some for Avocado Toast. Avocado is great on any bread, but it's especially great on locally made sourdough.

That evening, I had some more sourdough with my carb-loading meal of Vegan Bolognese with vegan meatballs. I picked up a jar of Trader Joe's Vegan Bolognese Sauce, and it was awesome! Definitely stocking up on this when I go back there. It has tiny meaty crumbles, and the flavor reminds me of Beyond burger. The meatballs were some Farm Rich balls that were on clearance at Kroger. Perfect Friday night meal before Saturday's long run.

Here's the sauce! Would definitely recommend!

And here's a not-so-great picture of a simple Grain/Green/Bean Bowl that I had for a quick week night dinner last week. It has pinto beans sauteed with spinach and garlic over brown rice. I am currently reading Dr. Will B's Fiber Fueled and learning all about the microbiome. It's fascinating stuff, and I think it'll help me tailor Paul's diet to deal with his GI issues! We'll hopefully be doing the 4-week meal plan from this book soon. 


Susan said...

What a delightful freezer find! Everything looks great.

janna said...

Are Paul's GI issues accompanied by any kind of hives? Because I developed dairy and wheat allergies (here in my late 30s, go figure). I had gone back to regular cheese and yogurt for a few years, and then I started to get lymph hives on my face, which disappeared once I went fully gluten free and vegan again. But they come back when I succumb to real bread

janna said...

And they're really bad if I accidentally consume dairy. I realize now just how much it was never meant for us humans

Bianca said...

Hey Janna! He has diverticulitis, which is caused by a low-fiber diet. And he definitely wasn't getting enough fiber before on his meat & chips diet. Ha! So he's been trying to work more fiber in by eating more vegan meals (that's a win for me!).

janna said...

I had no idea that low fiber diets caused that! I've been eating cauliflower crust pizza with vegan cheese a lot lately, but that feels like a guy bomb anyway