Monday, August 2, 2021

Lammas Eats: Part 1!

Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is the traditional first harvest celebration on August 1 (or August 2, depending on whom you ask!). It's a time to celebrate nature's bounty and soak up the midsummer sun! It's also a time to enjoy bread. Back in the day when Christians were taking over the pagan holidays, Lughnasadh (the Gaelic harvest festival) became Lammas (aka Loaf Mass), and bread was served because what better way to celebrate the harvest than with bread? Honestly, what better way is there to celebrate anything than with bread, am I right?

I decided to drag Lammas out for two days this year because y'all know I love a holiday! On Sunday, I made a few recipes from Llewelyn Sabbats Almanac that were recommended for Lammas. They went with a picnic theme this year, so I made these recipes to enjoy outside on an unusually cool summer evening (it was in the 80s, which felt chilly after we experienced a heat index of 109 on Saturday!). 

We grilled vegan brats for Angels on Horseback (hot dogs stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and topped with caramelized onions). For the cheese part, I cut slits in our brats and shoved some Daiya shreds inside! 

On the side, I made the Better Potato Salad from the Sabbats Almanac, which was a basic version with mayo, mustard, celery, onion, and dried dill. It was very similar to the recipe I typically make. And I grilled some Ambrosia corn on the cob that I picked up from the farmer's market on Saturday.

I also made some Ants on a Log for us to snack on while I cooked. The book suggested having these as an appetizer since ants are commonly a guest at summer picnics.

And finally, I washed my meal down with Summer Sangria from the book! This has rosé, brandy, cranberry juice, and chopped fruits (strawberries, plums, and cherries!).

Tonight, we're having fresh bread! So I'll share some more Lammas eats tomorrow!

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Susan said...

What a lovely summery feast! I am very impressed by those stuffed hotdogs.
I will be posting about my not so fancy Imbolc eats soon.