Thursday, August 19, 2021

Minestrone! Omelets! Vegan Wings!

I'm still slowly working my way through every No Meat Athlete recipe in existence! I'm trying to make every recipe in the two No Meat Athlete books (the cookbook and the fitness book) and in The Plant-Based Athlete (the newest book from Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke). Last week, I made the Minestrone from The Plant-Based Athlete, and it was a winner! Paul loved it too! I enjoyed mine with a vegan grilled cheese.

After my recent visit with my parents in Jonesboro, my mom sent me home with half a bottle of Just Egg that was leftover from our breakfast. I used it to make a veggie-stuffed Vegan Omelet with fresh berries on the side. 

I've been making lots of stir-fry lately because Paul is easing into eating vegan meals with me (YAY!), and he always likes a good stir-fry. Plus, it's super-easy! For this one, I used Gardein Teriyaki Chicken and some local squash. I also had some local eggplant in my CSA, and I used it to make the Eggplant Dengaku from Appetite for Destruction. It's a traditional Japanese dish with a miso glaze. Paul doesn't like eggplant, so I made this as a side for just me!

Last Tuesday, my friend Misti was visiting from Fayetteville, Arkansas, so we met up for a five-mile run through Overton Park after work. And then Paul joined us for post-run food at Slider Inn. I got the Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower and Tofu Wings (my fave!). The food pic below is terrible since it was dark out! Sorry! It tasted great though. 

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Sri said...

I got ‘I Can Cook Vegan’ right before the pandemic - so like you with NMA I am cooking my way through the entire cookbook. What is fun is that I am trying recipes I normally wouldn’t. It’s been a fun adventure of a variety of recipes some not great but most really good.