Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vegan Life Magazine

There's a new vegan magazine, y'all! It's called Vegan Life, and it's the real glossy mag deal. Only catch? It's a UK-based magazine, so getting your American hands on a physical copy may prove expensive. But there's a good news for us vegans living across the pond. There's an app! And you can read Vegan Life on your smartphone or tablet.

I was recently invited to download an issue onto my iPhone for review. At 116 pages, this is one serious mag. And it's loaded with content. You know how, with some magazines, it feels like there are more ads than stories? That's not the case with Vegan Life. Sure, there are ads. And they're for British vegan products, so it's kind of neat to see what they've got over there. But most of the magazine is filled with informative, well-written articles.

The Nov/Dec 2014 issue is filled with holiday recipes for chocolate fondant puddings, an avocado morning scramble (instead of tofu!), lemon & mushroom crumble pie, vegetable curry, and so much more. And I just love the cute little differences — like when they call zucchini "courgette" or dessert "puddings." The recipes are written using the metric system, but a little googling should help you convert.

Besides recipes, Vegan Life also has a ton of informative articles on everything from a first-person account of the life of a vegan athlete to an interview with comedian Sara Pascoe to the tale of Esther the Wonderpig. There's a fashion spread of chic vegan handbags and tips on having a cruelty-free Christmas.

But my very favorite (or should I say "favourite") piece in the latest issue is a story called "Naughty But Nice?" by Rebecca Bourne. It's all about those wretched vegan police who criticize other vegans (generally anonymously and online) for indulging in vegan junk food (Oreos, plant meats, etc.). Y'all know how passionate I am about my junk food. I'm in this for the animals, not my health. Sure, I'll eat healthy sometimes. But when I want Skittles and fried tofu for dinner, I eat some damn Skittles fried tofu.

And Rebecca hits the nail on the head in this piece. She even wrote a poem about the vegan police. Here's an excerpt: "Well judge and jury, time to stop interfering/ As questioning my lifestyle comes across as domineering/ Where I shop and what vegan foods I choose to eat are my choice/ As long as no animals are killed for it, there is reason to rejoice."

Isn't that great? If you'd like to check out Vegan Life, you can download the app in Apple or Android store. And then you opt to pay for a single issue download or subscribe. Support vegan media!


Laney Strange said...

Bianca, this is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so glad to know this mag exists, and there's an alt to the ad-overloaded, smarmy vegan magazines out there!

Alex HT said...

OMG - I didn't even realise this was published here ! Right off down the news agents for me tomorrow :o)

East Village Vegan said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to purchase a copy and read it during my holiday commute. I have to check out Cookin Crunk too!

JL Fields said...

It's gorgeous! Thanks for the head's up on this!

bexy said...

I am Rebecca Burke, the one who wrote the poem (they spelled my name wrong ha) so glad you liked it! Am so fed up of being told off for eating cakes!