Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Memphis Vegan Food Trucks: Raw Girls

I have some VERY exciting news to share! Memphis has a high raw vegan food truck!

It's run by an adorable and awesome vegan couple —Amy and Hannah Pickle of the Raw Girls, LLC. They've run a successful raw catering/meal plan business for several years here. And over the years, I'd sampled a few of their desserts (back when they used to sell at my hula-hoop studio, Co-Motion). So I was THRILLED when I heard they were starting up a vegan food truck!

Last Thursday night, they posted an unexpected announcement — they'd be holding a soft opening in the Hollywood Feed pet store lot at Poplar and Yates on Friday. Well, I work Downtown, and that location is in East Memphis. It's a good 20- to 30-minute drive in traffic. But I wasn't about to let that stop me! My editor Susan (a vegetarian) and I hopped in my Subaru and made the trip out east to grab some lunch.

When we arrived, we were greeted by hugs! Amy and Hannah are as sweet as can be. We studied the menu, which they told us would be expanding over time, and finally settled on some meals. I picked the Black Bean Spaghetti with Pesto. It came packaged like this — container of black bean pasta with hemp seeds, container of spicy jalapeno pesto, and container of raw tomatoes, onion, and corn.

And here's how it looked all mixed together. Love this cold noodle salad! Gluten-free noodles are my fave because I prefer that chewy texture, and the pesto was so flavorful. Loved the jalapeno bits!

Susan opted for the Raw Girls Taco Salad — bowl of mixed greens, bowl of taco nut meat, bowl of guacamole, and bowl of raw tomatoes, onions, and corn.

And then she mixed it all together. I sampled a bite of hers and was super-impressed with the nut meat. I've made taco nut meat from various recipes, and it's always good, but sometimes mine seems a little dry. This was wetter and more flavorful.

As a bonus, they let us try some of their cold-pressed juices!! I went with the Green Love Bomb because I'm partial to fruit-veggie mixes. This had a strong celery flavor (my fave) and lots of sweetness from the apples. It was so good that I drank half this bottle on the long drive back to the office, so you get a pic of a half-full bottle. Sorry!

And Susan had the Master Lemon/Turmeric Cleanse. Much better than any master cleanse juice I've ever made!! That turmeric really helped! And the maple made it sweet like lemonade.

The Raw Girls food truck isn't on a regular schedule yet, but "like" them on Facebook and follow their page for updates. They're currently taking special orders for the holidays on the catering side of their business, and they have gift certificates too.

UPDATE: The Raw Girls truck will be back at the corner of Poplar & Yates (Hollywood Feed lot) this Friday (Dec. 19th) and Saturday (Dec. 20th) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Click here for details.


Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] I wished that we had that sort of thing where I live.

I am also pleased to know that someone took upon their self to sell health food on a food-truck.

Cassie said...

Know of any in Nashville?

Kelly Hunt said...

What a brilliant set-up! What even made it better are those delicious-looking meals. I'd really want to run into those soon. Certainly a highly-innovative use of trucks. I'm really taking note of that. Thanks for sharing! More power to you!

Kelly Hunt @ Triad Freightliner

Bo's said...

Everything looks so fresh and delicious and I agree with the other comment - what a good use of trucks!