Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Product Review: Nutpods Barista Oatmilk

Since I started limiting my daily sugar intake, I've been exclusively buying Nutpods creamers for my coffees. Their unsweetened almond-coconut creamers are the best on the market, and I especially love their stevia-sweetened flavored creamers (cookie butter, I'm looking at you). And now they've just released two Barista Oatmilks, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

They sent me two cartons — plus a cute Nutpods frother — to review, but I actually already had a carton of the Cinnamon Dolce blend in my fridge when they arrived. I spied it at Sprouts and couldn't wait for my review shipment, so I bought it. That said, I did not own a frother until the Nutpods review package arrived, so I had just been adding the oatmilk straight to my coffee. And that was good. But frothing makes it next level. 

I mean, look at that foam! I've never seen plant milk do that, outside of a fancy coffee shop.

The Cinnamon Dolce Barista Oatmilk is stevia-sweetened, and the Original is unsweetened (but it has some natural sweetness, thanks to the oatmilk). I've been frothing and adding a bit of monkfruit sweetener to create some very tasty lattes. 

I feel certain these blends would make some beautiful latte art, but having never worked in a coffee shop, that's a skill I just don't have. But latte art or no, these barista milks are my new favorite coffee addition! If only they'd make a cookie butter flavored one next ...


Jenny said...

Oooh... these look amazing. Stevia is my favorite sweetener, and luckily it seems like more and more things are sweetened with it these days. i'm going to check these out!

Cadry's Kitchen said...

Yum! I'm glad I'm already enjoying coffee while reading this post; otherwise, I'd have a serious craving. Also, maybe I need a frother?

Mara said...

I think they're both sweetened with erythritol, but Cinnamon Dolce also has stevia.

I love Nutpods, I think I'll have to try these, too.