Thursday, March 10, 2022

Pecan Meat Philly, Raw Girls Salad, & More!

It's Memphis Black Restaurant Week, an annual celebration of Black-owned restaurants, and three vegan places are participating! Yay! One is Plant Based Heat, an awesome comfort food eatery offering burgers, wings, and more. I stopped in last night to show some support and order their Pecan Meat Philly Cheesesteak. It was my first time trying this menu item, and wow! That pecan meat was so good, and it felt healthier than having a meal loaded with plant meat. 

For my side, I went with the Vegan Coleslaw, which had a really tasty dressing. I would have picked fries (theirs are really good!), but I go to bed super early on weeknights and I can't sleep well if I've eaten fried food within a few hours of bedtime.

Speaking of Memphis Black Restaurant Week, here's a story I wrote for The Daily Memphian on Plant Based Heat. I also wrote one on Shroomlicious Meals, which is also participating this week. I'm trying them tomorrow!

Another favorite (although not Black-owned) vegan restaurant is the Raw Girls. I've been stopping by their new downtown location every Monday for lunch. Last Monday, I had this Roasted Cauliflower Salad with a green juice called The Professional.

And here's a meal I made at home. I joined Yoga with Adriene's Find What Feels Good membership site, and they have a series of vegetarian cooking videos. One was for Coconut Curried Collards made with coconut milk, chickpeas, jalapenos, and ginger. I had to make this! It was so perfect. Definitely a keeper!

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Jennifer Bliss said...

WOW! Look at all of this! Amazing! Amazing eats! Thanks for swinging by my place again! I returned the comment but also wanted to stop by and mention it here. I had a few other people mention they were unable to previously link up my URL and last week I tweaked a setting and it worked for at least one person. Not sure if worked for you as well. Another person mentioned that they added it to their feedly after I made the tweak and it worked, too. Let me know if you are able to link up or not and if not I will look into it again. Thanks for letting me know!