Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stuff I Ate

Hey! It's been awhile — over a month — since I've done one of these Stuff I Ate posts! So I've got some pics from meals I had in December (before January's Reclaim & Revolt) and a few from the past few days (just following the end of R&R). So I'll divide this into two posts!

Going WAY back, here's a Kale Salad and Sweet Potato Fries from Farm Burger in Crosstown Concourse. My parents and I grabbed dinner from there just after Christmas, when they were in town to install some new blinds in my dining room.

And here's a slice of my BFF Sheridan's famous Zucchini Bread, which she gifts to me every year. I LOVE her zucchini bread. It stays so moist and fresh for days. I finished off my loaf a few days after Christmas.

Random clean-out-the-fridge meal before R&R started. I had some Daiya cheddar that needed using up and some Sweet Earth bacon, so I put the cheese on a burrito and had the bacon as a side dish.

Here's some super-amazing Sweet Potato Sesame Focaccia Bread from Lulu's Baked at the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market. My friend Don always has some fun savory bread treats, and this was one of my top faves.

My last meal before R&R started — the Philly Cheezesteak and Onion Rings at Imagine Vegan Cafe. Imagine is temporarily closed while they have work done on their piping, and man, I miss that place! It'll be back soon, but the work is taking longer than expected. Sigh.

And here's a post-R&R meal — quiona, black beans, sweet potato, homemade kraut, baby spinach, and tahini.

And a post-R&R sandwich with Lightlife Chickpea & Red Pepper Deli Slices. Plus, some leftover Moroccan Veggie Stew (one of Lacy's recipes that I had leftover after Reclaim & Revolt ended).

Okay, more recent pics are coming tomorrow!


Sophie said...

I tried those lightlife slices and they were really good!

Sarah said...

These meals look incredible! Sheridan's zucchini bread sounds so good. I think I need to do some baking this weekend ;) The focaccia looks so good and sounds so unique! I haven't had onion rings in so long, those look great too!

Hillary said...

It all looks delicious! The healthy and not so healthy and yum, onion rings!!

Barb said...

Onion rings! Sweet potato fries! Zucchini bread! It all looks perfect :)

Susan said...

You always have such yummy looking food. But I really really want to try the focaccia!

Jennifer said...

It looks so good! I think the onion rings and zucchini bread are what stole my heart.