Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More Stuff I Ate

Here are a few meals I've been enjoying over the past couple weeks. I've been doing a LOT of dining out, probably because I ate at home so often during all of January. One day, after a lunch time yoga class at the Church Health YMCA in Crosstown Concourse, I stopped at Juice Bar before walking back to my office. I got the Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce and the Raw Pad Thai Noodles (my fave thing they serve). They're made with sweet potato noodles.

I also had to try Mama Gaia's new Vegetarian Meatball Pita one day for lunch. I'm sooooo lucky to work in a building filled with vegan-friendly restaurants! This has Mama Gaia's homemade veggie burger meatballs, marinara, and your choice of vegan or dairy mozz. Of course, I opted for the vegan cheese. Btw, this pic came from Mama Gaia! My pic was of a takeout pita that wasn't as pretty since it had been wrapped up.

Another fun meal out — Vegan Vegetable Pizza at Midtown Crossing (my fave neighborhood pizza joint). This had vegan cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper, black olives, and baby spinach.

Last Saturday, I picked up some Carrots in Blankets from Don at Lulu's Baked at the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market. He'd made a bunch to sell for SuperBowl weekend. The croissant is made with his homemade bread dough. Perfection! I dipped these in a homemade bee-free honee-mustard sauce.

Don also happens to make the world's best cookies, so I grabbed a couple of Chocolate Chip Cookies from him. I gave Paul one, and I had the other with a nice, cold glass of almond milk.

I had a bunch of Lacy's Slow Cooker Red Sauce leftover after Reclaim & Revolt, so I froze it in small portions. Had some one day last week over blanched zoodles with chickpeas and nooch. Sorry for the terrible pic, but it was dark outside, and I was too lazy to haul out my lightbox.

On the final day of R&R, Hannae shared a mocktail recipe that I just had to try! Finally made it a couple days ago and packed it in my lunch bag for a work day snack. This has fresh-juiced oranges, ginger, carrots, and lime, plus a splash of nettles infusion, a few drops of flower essence, and sparkling water. Felt very fancy!

And finally, here was my lunch today! I had some leftover Black Bean Layer Dip from The Simply Vegan Cookbook, which I made for SuperBowl Sunday. In the cookbook, Dustin recommends having leftovers as a burritos. And I'm always looking for an excuse to make a burrito. The dip has black beans, avocado, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce. I added some pickled jalapenos and black olives too.


Unknown said...

Those salad rolls look SO good, like they’re really packed with greens- seems whenever i order them they’re a lot of cold not so tasty bland noodles with minimal greens.
And those carrots in a blanket are totally genius! I love that! Especially since i’m not a fan of faux meat, i’ll have to fuss with how to make my own version.
The mocktail is gorgeous, although how and where to find nettles infusion (or even nettles to make an infusion) is beyond me. I would totally order that in a restaurant!

Susan said...

Lulu's Baked seems like some of the yummiest most inventive baked goods I've seen!

Bianca said...

Ttrockwood, I make my own nettles infusions! I just buy the dried nettles at our local herb shop and steep them in boiling water and then strain out the herbs.
Susan, yes!!!!!!!! Don is KILLING IT with Lulu's Baked!

Hillary said...

Those salad rolls look amazing, and I'm a big fan of carrot hot dogs so those carrots in a blanket are the best idea ever!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Everything looks incredible! The pizza looks really good and the carrots in a blanket are the cutest things ever. I have to agree, that is such a creative dish! You definitely can't go wrong with those cookies either.

Unknown said...

That’s totally impressive! I’ve always been curious about nettle tea, i’ll have to poke around the dried spices and herbs shop and see what they have