Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stuff I Ate: Office Edition

I've got lots of random food pics (and nothing else good to post on yet), so I'm breaking these up into THREE parts for the rest of the week!

But before I share the stuff I've been eating, I want to mention a local event that I'm excited about. On Friday, March 2 at 6 pm, Vintage901 will host their Grand Tasting wine event at Crosstown Concourse (where I work). Tickets are $65, and guests can taste 70-plus wines as well as food selections from local restaurants (and a couple are vegan/vegetarian! Mama Gaia and I Love Juice Bar will be there). I'm going! And I wanted to post the ticket link in case anyone local is interested. It's gonna be fun!

Okay onto the food! My office has monthly catered staff meetings, which give us a chance to get caught up with what everyone has been up to (and celebrate the birthdays for the month). We have a number of vegetarians and couple vegans, so there are always options. This month, they ordered a platter of Bianca Banh Mis (tofu banh mi sandwiches) from Midtown Crossing Grill. Look at all that Bianca!

We also had a build your own salad bar with blood oranges and blackberries, as well as the usual salad toppings.

One of those celebrating a February birthday was my co-worker Madelyn, who is also vegan. So we had THREE VEGAN DESSERTS! I made a sample platter with a few bites of each. All came from Muddy's Bake Shop, a vegan-friendly bakery. Of course, there was cake. This is the Vegan Capote Cake — chocolate cake, vanilla frosting.

There were also Peanut Butter Bars, my very fave dessert from Muddy's! These have little crispy rice pieces mixed into the PB, and they're topped with chocolate ganache. Mmmmmm.

And finally, there were Chocolate Crinkle Cookies! These were new to me, and they were VERY good. Next time I stop into the bakery, I'll look for these! So moist and chocolatey.

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow with some stuff I ate at home!


Sarah said...

ooh you eat well at the office! The sandwiches look great but those desserts! That cake is gorgeous!

Hillary said...

I've never ha a crinkle cookie. But all I need to hear is moist and chocolaty and I'm all in! How nice to work in such a vegan friendly environment!

Susan said...

I've made crinkle cookies before and they are so good!
You are so lucky to get so much great food for work events.

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous of your office eats!!!

Jennifer said...

So many yummy eats! What a nice office! I love that swirly on the cake, such a pretty and simple way to decorate a cake