Thursday, February 1, 2018

Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon Ladies' Night!

My friends Pam and Megan proposed we get together last night to celebrate the Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon. It was such a magical moon! I hope y'all got a chance to go outside and see it right at dusk, when it was closest to the Earth and HUGE.

We met up at Pam's new apartment. Pam provided some ritual crafting supples. Megan and I supplied the wine and snacks. Here's our snack spread.

I took this as an opportunity to develop a new recipe using a review product and to make a recipe in a cookbook that was sent to me for review, so I'll save the close-up shots for those two review posts (coming soon!). But just so ya know, I made the Beet Hummus (served with pita chips and baby carrots) and some Pizza Pinwheels. More on each of those soon!

Megan brought Miyoko's Creamery Double Chive Cream Cheese & Water Crackers, plus some Chocolate Chip Cookies from Whole Foods. We each brought a bottle of red wine. It's been quite awhile since I've had Miyoko cheese, and it was sooooo good.

We had lots of great conversation, fueled by wine and snacks! The full moon is a great time to focus on fulfillment of goals and release of that which does not serve you, and we talked a lot about that stuff. We also spent plenty of time complaining about patriarchy and white, hetero-normative B.S. It felt very cleansing.

Pam had all the stuff we needed to create some full moon herbal tea and bath salts, which she instructed us to charge under the full moonlight over night. The Full Moon Tea is a blend of white peony, rosebuds, jasmine pearls, and cardamom pods. I had some this morning during my meditation time, and it was superb. Here's the recipe!

The Full Moon Bath Salts smell heavenly, and I can't wait to soak with them in the tub before bed tonight. This has Epsom salt, pink salt, lavender buds, baking soda, rose petals, rose oil, and almond oil. I don't have a recipe link for this, but I'd say we used about a cup of the Epsom, a 1/4 cup pink salt, 3-4 tbsp. lavender buds, 1/2 cup rose petals, 1 Tbsp. baking soda, 1 Tbsp. almond oil, and 3-4 drops of rose oil.

Such a lovely time! We're hoping to start getting together for regular new or full moons. 


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you three had a really good time!

Last night I enjoyed sitting under the full moon with a glass of wine, while watching others go by. I was going to light a candle, but the light from the moon was all I needed during that time.

Sarah said...

What a fun idea! It sounds like a really wonderful time with a great meal and snacks and some great friends. I love that you got together to celebrate and that you had a good night.

Susan said...

That sounds lovely! The eclipse happened so late here, way beyond my bedtime. But then it was raining all night anyway, so that solved my dilemma of if I should stay up or not. said...

Those snacks look so damn good!