Monday, February 20, 2017

Goddess Provisions Tucson Gem Show Box!

We interrupt this food blog for a post about rocks. Yes, sorry. If you came for food, this post isn't for you. But hey, the rocks are shiny!

Each month, I do an unpacking post of my Goddess Provisions subscription box, which features crystals, teas, chocolates, vegan beauty products, candles, and more. But occasionally, the folks at Goddess Provisions offer special limited edition boxes, and I love them so much that, so far, I've purchased every one of those. In fact, I've never missed any Goddess Provisions box; I've been a subscriber since day one. Basically, I'm a number-one fan.

Of course, I signed up for the limited edition Tucson Gem Show Collection box this month. Last year was the first time Goddess Provisions founders Jill and John (also of Vegan Cuts) offered a grab bag of crystals from their annual pilgrimage to the legendary Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, and I was super stoked with the crystals they selected (you can see those in this post). When they offered the box again this year, I signed up immediately.

The box was $44, and what crystals you ended up with were a mystery! I took my chances, and I'm very pleased with what I got.

Look at all those pretty crystals! My very fave is this Flourite/Amethyst combo. I love the craggy surfaces of rough crystals like this, and the layering of green flourite and purple amethyst is gorgeous. This stone is supposed to help connect with spirit and creates protective and tranquil space.

I'm also a sucker for anything rainbow, so this Chalcopyrite (peacock ore) is also a fave. This is said to help clear energy blockages and realign the chakras. Since I was sick all week last week, I could really use some realignment. My energy and routines were all off, and though I'm feeling much better now, I'll probably spend lots of time with this stone this week.

I don't know why I didn't yet have a Desert Rose in my collection, but this is my first. It's a variety of selenite, which helps to enhance big-picture awareness, boost confidence, and turn dreams into reality.

Isn't this Pink Opal pretty? It's the perfect size stone for holding in the palm, which is great since it's used for soothing the heart. Also used for letting go of negative patterns.

I want to shrink into a tiny fairy and flit around this Fairy Quartz. Doesn't it look like a tiny fairy mountain? Or like some magical land that belongs in the Neverending Story? This is said to bring calming energy and carefree, happy feelings. No wonder I love it! Also great for meditation and opening the crown chakra.

This Brandberg Quartz is the highest valued stone in the box, and it was a new one to me. This crystal is supposed to help transform challenges into spiritual growth and encourages empathy for all creation. Some Brandberg Quartz contains a little amethyst, and some has smoky quartz. As you can see, mine has a touch of amethyst.

I also got this teensy bit of Blue Calcite, known as "the stone of the mind." This is great for reducing anxiety and calming the mind. I'm a fan of all calcite, and blue is new to my collection. I do wish it was a tad bigger though!

Finally, the box's "crystal menu" card said I was also supposed to have a piece of citrine. But the last stone looks more like a solid Quartz Crystal to me. Is citrine ever clear? I have no idea! But I do believe that the right stones come to you when you need them most, so if I didn't get a citrine, I didn't really need another right now. I have a good amount of citrine in my collection anyway. I also have a ton of clear quartz, but one can never have too much clear quartz. All-purpose stone!

Overall, I'm pleased with this box! Would have liked a larger chunk of calcite, but other than that, I think they did a great job selecting some fun (and new to me!) stones.


Hillary said...

They're all gorgeous, but I really love the peacock stone, it's so beautiful!!

Sarah said...

How gorgeous!! I've always wanted to go to the Gem and Mineral Shows. Crystals are so beautiful. Have you ever seen the show Prospectors on the Weather Channel. I think it was canceled but it was my favorite show. They followed gemstone prospectors around while they would mine gemstones and it was really fun to watch. Anyway, you got a great haul, all of the stones are so gorgeous!