Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Goddess Box!

I'm taking a break from food today to show y'all the contents of my February Goddess Provisions box. I'm subscribed to this monthly box of crystals, teas, vegan snacks, beauty products, and more — all curated to unleash your inner goddess. Goddess Provisions is run by Jill and John, the same awesome vegan duo who run Vegan Cuts. 

Anyway, here's my box this month! The theme was Flower Power!

There's a floral essential oil blend by Flora Remedia, 1Hour Break oral spray, crystal-infused lip gloss by Modern Minerals, a raw dark chocolate bar with dried lavender by Chocolita, a floral tea blend by Bad Girl Good Tea, a polychrome jasper stone, and a couple of mandala stickers from Technician of the Sacred.

As always, the crystals are my favorite. And I was immediately drawn to this big hunk of polychrome jasper. Despite its size, it feels light in my palm, and when clutching it, I feel very grounded — something an Air Sign like myself could use a lot of. This may quickly become my favorite stone. I love the unique markings! It's like a weird little bug.

The essential oil blend is made with willow, honeysuckle, and star of bethleham floral essences. The honeysuckle is very prominent, and it makes me yearn for spring! We've had some spring-like temps lately, but everything is still so dead and ugly. So ready for flowers! The Modern Minerals gloss has a very floral scent too, and it tastes amazing on my lips. Plus, it's infused with pink tourmaline. 

The 1Hour Break spray is really cool! It's a minty mouth spray that's infused with various herbs that are said to induce relaxation and calm anxiety and stress. I sprayed some under my tongue after a work meeting yesterday (it wasn't a stressful meeting — I was just eager to try it), and a wave of calm seriously washed over me. I used it again tonight before yoga class, and it was great for getting me in the right state of mind.

Floral, fruity teas are my fave! And I absolutely love this blend of green, white, and oolong teas with mango, pineapple, marigold blossoms, rosebuds, and blue cornflower petals. It's like drinking flowers! I've been having it at my desk at work in the afternoons for a little pick-me-up.

The box also included a fun treat that's quite the opposite of a pick-me-up. This Chocolita Lavender Dreamtime Bar is great for snacking on before bed. I had some last night with a glass of pinot grigio, and I drifted right to sleep. The combo of lavender and dark chocolate is lovely.

Finally, I'm loving these mandala stickers! The package came with two, and I already slapped one onto my laptop. Still not sure where the other will go. I actually belong to the Memphis Mandala Makers Club, and I'm really into sacred circles and sacred geometry and such. 

By the way, I'm a Goddess Provisions ambassador, which means I make a couple bucks if anyone signs up using this link. I don't get my boxes free though, just to be clear. I subscribe and pay the $33 a month, and it's totally worth it. It's a great deal, and the boxes are so much fun!

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Hillary said...

That crystal is gorgeous!! I love the sound of that tea too!