Monday, October 10, 2016

Unpacking the October 2016 Goddess Provisions Box!

It's the one-year anniversary for Goddess Provisions! I signed up for this monthly subscription box of crystals, soaps, chocolates, candles, oils, and more last year before the first box went out. So I've never missed a box. I've even ordered a couple of special edition boxes — a crystal box and a Mercury retrograde box — from them over the past year. I'm such a fan, and I eagerly look forward to every box. My Goddess Provisions box is one of the highlights of my month!

Goddess Provisions started as a little side company of the folks who run Vegan Cuts, and it's still run by Jill and John. But it's not so little anymore! They've gotten all kinds of press and a huge social media following. So to celebrate their growth in a year's time, they made this month's box theme "Call in Abundance."

There's a Money and Abundance Oil by Behatilife, and it smells magnificent! It's a mix of bergamot (my fave), basil, and thyme that's been infused with reiki energy and quartz crystal. 

I'm so in love with the Evolution Salt Tealight Candle Holder. It's like a salt lamp but for a small candle! It's supposed to clear away negative energy and electronic smog. Also, it's just fun to lick because it's just a hunk of pink salt! Is that weird? I can't stop licking it. No telling where it's been.

There's a Crystal Bar Soap with exfoliating poppy seeds and a moss agate stone inside! Moss agate is a stone of abundance, so it's perfect for this box. The soap smells like green apple! It's probably the only bar of soap that I can't wait to use up because there's a treat inside.

I've been carrying the Moondani Natural Breath Mist in my purse. It's an herbal blend of cardamom, ginger, and fennel oils, and it seriously works when you have nasty onion breath after lunch. Unlike some breath sprays, this one actually lingers and works for a long time. I'd buy this again and again.

The Florapothecarie Chocolate Mud Mask smells AMAZING! I used this mask on Saturday night, and it seriously just wanted to eat my face. You mix the clay with water and spread it onto your face. It takes about 10 minutes to dry, and during that time, your face is all smelling like some delicious chocolate cake. Best thing ever.

Sadly, you probably shouldn't eat the mud mask. But the box did come with a food treat. This Nativas Naturals Superfood Bar in Cacao Cranberry! I had this before my 5-mile run this morning. Wholesome, hearty perfection.

Buy y'all know the real highlight for me is always the crystals! There's a crystal in every box, and this month, that was a Break-at-Home Geode! Here's a before picture.

And here's what it looked like inside after I smashed it with a hammer! 

Loved this box!! As always, here's the link to subscribe if you're interested. I'm a Goddess Provisions Ambassador, and I make a couple bucks if anyone subscribes using my link. Just so ya know, that doesn't mean my boxes are free. I pay the $33 a month just like everyone else, but I help them promote the boxes just because I think they're awesome.


Hillary said...

I have the salt crystal candle holders too, I really love them!

Susan said...

Haha, licking the candle holder? Will it melt eventually?
The break at home geode is super cool!