Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Savory Tea!

I'm sure you've heard me whine before about how I don't really love hot tea but I really want to love hot tea. Sure, I can get down with Starbucks Soy Green Tea Latte or a super-sweet (plant)milky chai, but let's be honest — I like those because they taste like dessert. But plain ole hot, unsweetened tea? No, ma'am.

You know what I do like though? Broth. Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved sipping hot broth. It's great when you're hungry but it's too late to eat or as an afternoon snack when you know you need to save calories for that slice of cake you're planning to eat after dinner. But what if savory broth and tea had a baby?

It would be hot tea I actually love! Well, those two have had a baby, and her name is Millie.

When I was in Seattle at VegFest, the booth right across from my publisher's booth was sampling Millie's Savory Teas. Of course, I had to go check them out! It's basically green tea combined with savory veggies, herbs, and spices in a tea bag. You steep in hot water for a few minutes, and you've got a salty, spicy tea. After trying this at VegFest, the people demo-ing Millie's gave me a $5 off coupon, and I used that to order their Five Flavor Snack Pack pack right away.

There are several flavors, and the Snack Pack offers a few bags of each (15 bags total). There's the curry-infused Indian Spice, one of my faves!

And Tomato Basil, Thai Lemongrass, and Smoky Facon ("facon" is short for "fake bacon"). The Facon is probably my very fave. Next time I order (and there will be a next time as soon as I run out), I'll probably order an entire 15-bag tin of the Smoky Facon flavor. The smokiness comes from smoked sea salt. Yum!

There's also Spicy Tortilla (made with chipotle pepper)! And if you'll notice, I have two bonus bags here of Indian Spice and Thai Lemongrass. That's because there was a back-up on my order, and the Millie's folks threw in a couple extras to make up for it. How nice!

Anyway, these are my new favorite afternoon pick-me-up. And my go-to late-night snack. I think I'll have some right now.

If you're interested in ordering, now would be a good time. All the savory teas are 25% off through Mother's Day. So that means the Snack Pack, which usually sells for $12.95, is on sale for $9.71. And there's free shipping.


Susan said...

This is such a great idea!
Sadly I doubt the free shipping would extend to Australia. ;) Though maybe they will be available in stores when I am in Seattle next month.

foodfeud said...

Wow! It is a brilliant idea! I do like tea but something more meal-like might be more interesting. So there's caffeine in the...broth? I'll have to check this out, thanks!

Sheridan said...

I like this idea too. I don't dislike regular tea the way you do, but I think I could get down with some more savory, broth-like teas!

Sarah said...

What an interesting concept! This definitely sounds like something I'll have to remember for when it gets cold again later on in the fall. I am a fan of tea so I'm sure I'd also love these savory versions!

Cadry's Kitchen said...

I love this idea! It really sounds like something I'd enjoy. My only concern is the green tea flavor. I'm not much into green tea. Does a lot of that come through? Or do you mostly taste the broth-like spices and seasonings?

Bianca said...

Hey Cadry! I actually don't taste the green tea at all. The brothy taste overpowers any tea taste. :-)

Cadry's Kitchen said...

Awesome! I purchased the sampler you suggested. Since you and I have similar palates, I have a feeling I'm really going to like them!