Friday, May 2, 2014

Vegan Waffle Taco!

The day the news broke that Taco Bell was introducing breakfast and the already legendary waffle taco, I knew that waffle's vegan day would come. Waffles + vegan sausage + tofu "eggs" + vegan cheese. Such an easy veganization. And it sounded so freakin' delectable.

My friend Sheridan actually tried it before I did, and she sent me pics. I knew this needed to happen in my kitchen sooner than later. So about a week ago (yes, I'm behind in posting), the Vegan Waffle Taco finally happened for me.

That's a toasted Van's Gluten-Free Flax Waffle topped with Kroger's Simply Organic Meatless Breakfast Patties, my own recipe for Cheesy Tofu Scramble from Cookin' Crunk (you can find that recipe here), and Follow Your Heart Cheddar Vegan Gourmet Shreds.

By the way, if you have a Kroger store in your area and haven't yet tried these meatless breakfast patties, please do so post-haste. Best vegan breakfast sausage out there.

Also, these Follow Your Heart Cheddar Shreds are pretty awesome too. I'm typically a Daiya girl, but FYH sent me these shreds made using their new formula. I'd tried them the old formula, and they were good. But I do believe this new one seems closer in taste the FYH blocks of cheese, which I've always loved. The older version of the shreds were a bit drier than the block, and I feel like this new formula is more on par with shreds from hand-shredding the actual FYH cheddar block. Does that make sense? Anyway, they sent me several packs so I'll be blogging about the Mozzarella and Fiesta Blend when I try them.

In case you were wondering about the taco, well, it was AMAZING! But hard to eat in taco form. And I couldn't fit nearly as much tofu scramble as I wanted into the small waffle. So later in the week, I ended up making Deconstructed Vegan Waffle Tacos that I could eat with a fork. Much better.


Dana Vickerson said...

this is SO happening this weekend. i love the side of kale. it says, this meal is healthy... see...KALE! :) love it

Ali - YumVeggieBurger said...

waffle taco... mind blown! (I obviously missed the taco bell announcement before, haha)

Sheridan said...

Yessss, these are the BEST! I need to make them again! Yours looks awesome!!!

Sarah said...

That looks amazing! I have definitely thought about veganizing the waffle taco because I'm fascinated by it and I'm glad to see it came out yummy! I'll definitely have to give it a try!

Laurie said...

Love this!

Pam @ said...

Awwwww yeah! I'm thinking this would be best eaten on a giant pancake instead of a waffle though. For maximum taco effect. :)

Meg Travis-Carr said...

YUM!!! Ok, I'm going to blow Joey's mind this coming Sunday... thank you in advance!!! :D

Emily said...

That looks really yummy! I am new to being vegan, I'b vegetarian for a while but just decided to take the full step. How are the tofu eggs and vegan cheese? Scrambled eggs and cheese was one of my favorites and I have been looking for something that compares well.