Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mama's Family

I have the coolest mama ever. She's the most generous, selfless person I've ever met. She'll do anything to help out a family member or friend. And she knows how to have fun! Mama loves country music (not my fave, but hey, she rocks it), anything that sparkles, and margaritas. Oh, and she rides on the back of my dad's Harley cause she's badass like that. You'd never catch me on a scary motorcycle!

Today, I got to celebrate my mama and her mama (Me-Maw) and my daddy's mama (Granny)! The four of us went to lunch at Lazzari Italian Oven in my hometown of Jonesboro.

I called ahead because many Italian restaurants use fresh egg pasta. But the hostess told me Lazzari's uses dry pasta. And that means it's vegan. Score!

Like so many Italian places though, the meal starts with Fresh Bread and Olive Oil with Cracked Pepper. I could really make a meal off that bread alone, but I had to restrain myself to save room for pasta. I had a couple slices though. 

And then there's salad. The house salad is called the Mista Salad, and it comes already dressed with an Italian vinaigrette. I asked the server to leave the shredded cheese off my salad, but I didn't even think that the dressing would have cheese in it. But sure enough, that Italian dressing was flecked with parm. Luckily, the server was totally cool about sending it back and bringing me a fresh undressed salad, which I tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar at the table. Much better!

And for my entree, I went with the basic Linguine with Marinara Sauce. I loved this sauce! It was sweet and tangy just like a good marinara should be. I always add a little sugar to my sauce at home and it seems as if they do too.

The meal was lovely, and it was fun hanging out with my mom and grandmas. Hope y'all had a happy Mother's Day!


Babette said...

Sounds like a nice meal. How cool is it that they changed your salad. I ordered a garden salad yesterday at an omni restaurant for mother's day, and I didn't inquire about the dressing. It looked alright though, and there was definitely no parmesan on it. I got a veggie burger with a portobello and roasted bell pepper "patty". It was very good, and juicy too.

Sheridan said...

Sometimes there is nothing better than a big ole plate of pasta with marinara!! And I'm glad to know about the dry pasta and the Italian dressing in case I need to eat there when I'm in Jboro next!