Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Magical Coconut Cookie Bars

Tonight was National Night Out, when neighborhoods across the country hold block parties to get to know one another and their local police officers in an effort to combat crime. For the past couple years, my neighbor Randy has been holding a National Night Out event for my little street at his place. We gather on his porch and driveway, drink beer, snack, and gossip. The cops usually stop by and say hi.
This year, I brought a plate of Magical Coconut Cookie Bars from Vegan Cookies Take Over the World. There are layers of graham cracker crumbs, coconut-caramel, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and walnuts.

None of my neighbors are vegan, but everyone who tried one raved. And as always happens when you feed omnis delicious vegan desserts, conversations about veganism are sparked. I've noticed a shift in the last several years in the way omnis react to vegans. People don't think it's all that weird anymore. You tell someone you're vegan or that the cookie in their mouth is cruelty-free and they say, "I'm trying to eat less meat." or "I use soymilk in my cereal." or "I'd like to be vegan, but ..."

I love that! I love that veganism is mainstream and even impressive to folks. That means we're one step closer to world veganization. That means we're one step closer to saving more and more precious animal lives.

Anyway, the bars were delicious. I made 'em at my mama's house last night, and she measured out all of the ingredients for me and put them in baggies. Oh, and she did the dishes while I stirred and baked. I felt like I was on a cooking show. Baking is way better when someone else does most of the work. Thanks Mama Crunk!


coconutandberries said...

Hurrah for bringing more awareness and acceptance of veganism to the people via cookie bars! Food activism rocks :D

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same… Some people literally seem to "apologize" to me for being omnis, constantly stressing that in fact they DO eat only very little meat. So, so cool that many people (or at least some of them) finally seem to develop an awareness for veganism.
Btw, the Magical Coconut Bars are one of my favourites from VCIYCJ! Love, Katrin

Unknown said...

Yours look way better than the ones I tried to make this week, with the same recipe--I think my coconut/brown sugar mixture was too thin. They taste good, though (I don't see how coconut, chocolate, and graham cracker would ever not taste good...)

tender b. said...

I don't know how I missed this one in the cookbook. Time to do it. Yeah for neighborly awareness.