Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tacos, Crabless Cakes, & More!

Why does Election Day always fall on Taco Tuesday? Well, technically, that's because Election Day is always on a Tuesday. But I'd like to think some divine power planned it that way as a gift to help us through this anxiety-inducing time. I'm a bundle of nerves today, as I'm sure many of you are. And I know tacos (and maybe a cocktail) will help me feel better tonight. I voted early (on the first day!), so I've done my part, and now all I can do is wait and stuff my face with tacos. Fingers crossed for a brighter day, y'all.

Here are some tacos from Tuesdays past! Last week, I made Just Egg & Potato Tacos using bottled Just Egg, black beans, and air-fried hash browns. Topped with guacamole salsa and some fresh tomato. Breakfast tacos for dinner for the win!

And here are some Black Bean Zucchini Tacos with Violife shreds and sauteed zucchini. My favorite tortillas are the Sprouts corn tortillas. They contain some flour, so they're a little softer and thicker than a traditional corn tortilla.

Here's a Vegan Chicken & Veggie Stir-fry made with this fun soy chicken that I found at the Vietnamese market. It came in sausage shapes, which I sliced and then cut in half. It tasted a little like tofu and a little like seitan. I love trying new-to-me vegan meats!

Here's a quick dinner (or maybe lunch?) of PlantMade Crab-less Cakes (made with hearts of palm and artichokes) topped with vegan remoulade and served with some steam-in-the-bag Black Rice with Edamame.

And finally, here's a local meal that really hit the spot! I got some purple hull peas in my CSA a few weeks back, so I made Purple Pull Peas & Cornbread using the Hoe Cakes recipe from Cookin' Crunk. Hoe cakes are just pan-fried cornbread cakes. Like pancakes. But cornbread. 

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