Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bowls! Burritos! Bagels!

Just over here stuffing my face while we wait on this excruciatingly slow vote count. Anyone else stress-eating snacks? I am trying to keep my meals pretty healthy though. But in between meals, it's all vegan gummy worms, chocolate, and cocktails. 

Here's a bowl I ate in less stressful times. I hauled my leftover Peanut Butter Tofu and Kale from Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville home with me after my vacation there in mid-October. I had ordered Rosetta's Family Favorite bowl with PB tofu, kale, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and they were out of mashed potatoes and gravy. So they just gave me tons of tofu and kale. I used the leftovers to create my own Family Favorite bowl at home with mashed taters and brown gravy. YUM.

On a recent Taco Tuesday, I had a half can of chickpeas to use up, so I sauteed them with taco seasoning and spinach and made a yummy Mexican Chickpea Burrito. 

Here's a fun wrap! This has rice, tofu feta, kalamata olives, onion, tomato, and lettuce, like a Greek Salad Wrap. Just thrown together with some stuff I needed to use.

My current favorite thing to order at LuLu's is the Everything Bagel with Tomato Jam & Cashew Cream Cheese. I like to order this with a coffee from Dr. Bean's (next to LuLu's at Puck Food Hall) and sit outside on the patio to enjoy a nice breakfast before work every Friday morning. I'm still working from home, but it's nice to get out and enjoy a breakfast away from home every week.

I signed up for the Bring It Food Hub fall CSA, and I'm loving it. Here's last week's haul. The Bluff City Fungi mixed wild mushrooms found their way into a mushroom sandwich and a vegan omelet. But my favorite score was that Indian corn. It's not just for decoration! You can either grind the kernels into masa harina flour in a coffee grinder, or you can pop them like popcorn. I spent Election Night popping the kernels off the stalks, so I could pop it later this weekend. Very therapeutic. 


Hillary said...

I am stress eating snacks too! I know I've gained at least a pound or two, I can feel it!! OMG 2020 is exhausting!!
I NEED tomato jam!!!

Susan said...

I feel like 2020 is just the year for stress eating. Gah. Every morning I catch a snippet of news to keep me updated with where the vote is, every morning they are still counting. Even Australia is tense about this outcome. I think the world is.