Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

I don't know about y'all, but I've never quite understand the breakfast skippers. I usually have about three meals before lunch! There's first breakfast (aka pre-run snack), real breakfast (the bigger meal), and morning snack (usually hummus and crackers or a Larabar). Those morning meals power me through my day and give me the energy I need to be focused at work. 

First breakfast is usually something small, like toast with jam or a banana with nut butter. Just something to tide me over during my run. 

On warm days when I run, I often have a protein smoothie for post-run breakfast, but now that it's getting chilly, I've switched to Proats (protein oats). I stir some Complement Protein into my rolled oats, add a splash of almond milk to thin it out, stir in some maple and nut butter, and top with nuts, seeds, and berries. Without protein powder, oats tend to keep me full for about an hour, but with added protein powder, I'm good til at least 11 am (morning snack time). 

I'm a Complement Ambassador, so I have to tell you how awesome this clean, heavy metal-free, unsweetened protein powder is. You can stir it into anything, and while it does thicken the texture some, there's no weird chalky flavor. Wanna learn more? Go here!

I also love me some tofu scramble. I usually have it with toast, but some days, I make Breakfast Bowls like this. It has air-fried potatoes and lots of guacamole salsa.

If I'm feeling wild, I'll have Breakfast Tacos. Same ingredients as in the bowl but better because tacos. I also added Simple Truth Plant-Based Queso to these.

If I'm having tofu scramble for dinner, I may have Breakfast Burrito, which I enjoyed on a recent Taco Tuesday. I love how much scramble I can squeeze into a giant tortilla.

On Fridays, my breakfasts come from LuLu's. I love making the morning drive downtown to grab a breakfast sammy and coffee from their space at Puck Food Hall. Last Friday, I got the Blackeyed Pea Saysage Biscuit with Apple Butter and a Campfire Latte with oat milk on the side.


Hillary said...

I definitely love breakfast, but I have very non breakfast foods, and I almost always have a savory breakfast. I don't know why, but sweet foods in the morning really turn me off, and they don't keep me satisfied very long.
When I forst went vegan, I made tofu scrambles all the time!! Like several times a week. I haven't made one n so freaking long, and your breakfast bowl is calling my name. I love the guacamole salsa!

Susan said...

I used to have zero desire for breakfast, but I trained myself into it because even if I didn't feel like eating, my body certainly needed the fuel for the day!