Monday, November 16, 2020

Pizza, Porridge, & Sandwiches!

A couple Fridays ago, we filmed some promotional videos for work, highlighting some of our Crosstown Concourse businesses and the fact that our multi-use building has one million square feet of space for people to safely socially distance while enjoying local food and fun. I was in one of the videos at Pizzeria Trasimeno, the new pizza place, so I enjoyed this Pizza del Giardino (their vegan vegetable pizza) and an Aperol Spritz. Crosstown Concourse, where I work in communications, is a giant multi-use space with nonprofit orgs, restaurants, retail, arts space, and all kinds of fun things to do, and most businesses inside are still open during COVID. Masks are required of course!

Speaking of Crosstown Concourse, here's a Watkins Sandwich that I picked up a couple weekends ago at Curb Market in Concourse. Curb is our building's grocery store, and they have a deli that serves this vegan smoked tofu sandwich. It's usually topped with onion straws, BBQ sauce, and vegan slaw, but they were out of slaw. So the deli man added some pickled veggies instead. I really liked this version!

And one more thing about Curb Market! They've started carrying VGAN chocolate bars, and they're the best vegan chocolate bars I've ever had. I got this one and a white chocolate bar, and I can't stop eating them. 

Here are a few meals from home. I made the Lentil Porridge from Eat Feel Fresh last week for breakfasts. This has red lentils, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin spice. It's a nice alternative to oats. Who knew lentils would be good sweet?! They are!

And here's a recent GGB (grain, green, bean) bowl. It looks weird, but it was good. Just thrown together stuff — brown rice, white beans, kale, pumpkin seeds, kraut, and chow chow. 


Susan said...

Sweet lentils sound intriguing!

Hillary said...

Okay, you have me super curious about savory oats, and now sweet lentils??? I'm curious, but scared to try!