Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Taco Tuesday (on Wednesday!)

For the past few weeks, I've been doing daily meal themes, inspired by a No Meat Athlete podcast. There's Macaroni Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wok Wednesday, Takeout Thursday, Freestyle Friday, Sizzle Saturday, and Slice Sunday.

On Taco Tuesday, I can have anything in that taco/burrito/quesadilla/enchilada realm. So it's not JUST tacos! I've saved up some taco(ish) pics from the past few weeks, so even though today is Wednesday, I'm sharing my Tuesday tacos. But don't worry — it's Wok Wednesday today, so I had stir-fry tonight!

A few weeks ago, I made some awesome One-skillet Refried Pumpkin Tacos from The Low-Carb Vegetarian Cookbook by my friends Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence. I'm not even close to a low-carb eater, but their recipes are really yummy (and I usually add carbs!). For these, they sub canned pumpkin for refried beans since low-carb eaters avoid beans. Everything is cooked in one cast-iron skillet in the oven.

In one section of the skillet, you add seasoned pumpkin and vegan cheese. In another, you add mushrooms, peppers, and onions, and in the other, you're supposed to add vegan beef and salsa, but I subbed black beans for the beef, thus making this a high-carb recipe and cancelling out the effect of the pumpkin. HA! I do what I want!! I served these on chia-quinoa-wheat tortillas with cashew sour cream and guac salsa.

On another taco night, I had Tofu Tacos on much smaller corn tortillas. They're stuffed with seasoned tofu (I used packaged taco seasoning), Daiya, guac salsa, avocado, and fresh tomato from my garden. I'm trying to practice ayurveda these days, which says you should eat your largest meal at lunch. So I'm going with lighter, smaller dinners like this.

Here's the same Tofu Tacos — but the lunch version! See, they're much bigger. I used those larger wheat tortillas for this. I find that eating this way makes much more sense for me. I go to bed very early (9 pm), so it always feels weird to eat a big meal at 6:30 or 7 and then go to bed.

And finally, here's last night's Taco Tuesday meal! I made the Smoky Black Bean & Tofu Enchiladas from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. That recipe called for a noochy sauce, but I subbed Daiya instead because I was craving melty, cheesy enchiladas.

These are corn tortillas stuffed with a smoky black bean & tofu mixture and topped with a homemade, oil-free enchilada sauce. I'm eating a little more oil these days (as part of ayurveda), but I still prefer to cook mostly oil-free, saving oil for a garnish or dressing. Here's the dinner version with just two enchiladas topped with avocado, cashew sour cream, and pepitas. Sauteed kale on the side! My lunch version the next day has three enchiladas and a larger side salad.

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