Thursday, August 13, 2020

Enchiladas! Tofu Scramble! And the BEST BAGEL SAMMICH EVER!

Let's dig right in! Last Friday morning, I made my usual end-of-week breakfast stop at LuLu's and had one of the best meals of my life. No lie. They've started making bagels, and you can now get their fantastic Brekky Sandwich on an Everything Bagel. AND IT IS EVERYTHING. These bagels are phenomenal, and unlike other everything bagels, they're lightly salted. So good! Even better with the tofu egg, cashew cheese, and carrot bacon sandwiched in-between. I took this home to enjoy and savored every bite. Then I cried a little when it was gone.

On Taco Tuesday last week, I made Smoky Black Bean & Tofu Enchiladas from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. I'm trying to make at least one recipe in every cookbook I own, which will take a million years. But all I've got is time! This was super-simple to put together, and it fed me for four days (one dinner, three lunches). The recipe called for a noochy sauce on top, but I subbed Daiya.

Here's a dinner plate of enchiladas with cashew sour cream and a pile of sauteed kale. I'm trying to eat less salads and more cooked greens in keeping with Ayurveda guidelines for my vata-pitta dosha. So I'm now doing cooked greens with dinner instead of salad. I will still have some salads during the summer, but Ayurveda recommends I eat those at lunch time when my digestion is strongest.

I had some of the black bean and tofu filling leftover from making the enchiladas, so I turned that into a Tofu Scramble for the next day's breakfast!

And finally, here's a quick lunch! A friend had a bunch of frozen Steamables Edamame & Black Rice packs that she needed to give away, and I gladly accepted them. It's just a quick one-serving frozen meal of edamame, rice, bell pepper, and a mango sauce. Really yummy! Even better with avocado. I served this at lunch with leftover tabbouleh from Global Café. I figured it was best that I eat that salad at lunch!


Hillary said...

Those enchiladas look amazing!
That bagel sandwich really does look like the best sandwich ever! The bagel looks so thick and fluffy. I got some gluten free bagels and they just look so flat and sad.

Susan said...

I'm crying a little that I cannot get that bagel sammich! It sounds amazing.