Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bluff City Vegan Eats: Railgarten

When Railgarten — an outdoor/indoor bar and recreation center — opened a couple years ago, they were not very vegan-friendly ("Duck Fat Fries" was an actual menu item!). As much as I loved hanging out at this sprawling bar with its bonfires, lawn chairs, ping pong tables, and volleyball courts, I'd given up any hope that I'd ever be able to consume anything besides alcohol there.

And then a vegan miracle happened! Railgarten released a new menu that was loaded with vegan items! Even the fries are safe now! Last night, our Memphis Vegan Drinks group had our monthly meetup there, and I was able to collect pics of several new menu items.

I ordered the Korean BBQ Tofu Tacos — three street taco-sized gems are stuffed with fried tofu coated in tangy Korean BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw, and fresh radish. These were every bit as tasty as they looked, and the tofu texture was just perfect (and not at all greasy). I was sad when they were gone.

Jennifer ordered the Korean BBQ Tofu Salad, which was similar to the tacos but with salad fixins, like spring mix, red onion, tomato, and a citrus lime vinaigrette.

The Korean BBQ can also be ordered as skewers. They can be ordered as a snack (2 skewers) or a meal (4 skewers).

Or you can opt for Buffalo Tofu Skewers! These are served with ranch, but it's not vegan, so I'd recommend bringing your own vegan ranch (yes, I'm the kind of girl who travels with condiments in my purse).

Melissa ordered the Veggie & Hummus Pita (to make this vegan, leave off the tzatziki), which has hummus, portabellas, tomato, broccoli slaw, red onion, and cucumber. Served with homemade chips, unless you sub fries (which Melissa did).

There's also an Impossible burger on the menu, but like so many mom-and-pop places right now, they're experiencing a shortage. They offered a black bean burger last night as a substitute, but I cannot confirm its vegan-ness.

So excited that Railgarten has so many vegan options now! Now I can hang out at this adult playground and enjoy some food with my booze.


Hillary said...

It is really amazing how far vegan food has come. It looks like they know how to prepare some excellent tofu!!

Sarah said...

Ooooh it all looks so good! The tofu looks incredible, I'm so jealous! That's too funny about the traveling ranch, ha! The veggie and hummus pita is exactly what I need in my life and those fries look perfect! Yum!

Jennifer said...

Yey for adding vegan food! I am glad they took away the duck fat fries, but not surprised. I hear lots of non-vegan friends complain that they aren't that much different tasting from regular fries, and it is just another way to make potatoes more expensive.