Thursday, August 1, 2019

Breakfast Tacos! Vegan Chili Bowls!

I've had some BE-Hive seitan chorizo (made in Nashville) in my deep freezer forever that I was hoarding for the right moment. And that moment came last week when I decided to make Breakfast Tacos for dinner! With scrambled tofu, chorizo, salsa, and avocado. I made some Air-fried Home Fries on the side.

I had some of the leftover tofu scramble on toast for breakfast one day!

On Monday night, I had to go to a public meeting on a new Crosstown neighborhood project, so I couldn't eat dinner until fairly late. That's when Daiya's frozen Spinach & Mushroom Pizza with white sauce comes in handy. Salad on the side for good measure. I always keep a frozen pizza in the freezer for moments like these.

I picked up a savory Tomato, Basil & Cashew Parm Hand Pie and a Blueberry Chocolate Chunk Cookie at Lulu's booth at the CY Farmers Market on Saturday, and both were as amazing as they looked. That blueberry chocolate chip cookie is my new Lulu's fave!

And here's a beautiful Vegan Chili Bowl from the cafe at Crosstown Arts yesterday. This daily special was awesome, and I hope they offer it again. Black bean chili with vegan cheese, avocado, pickled okra, and the fluffiest vegan cornbread muffin.


Hillary said...

Blueberry chocolate chip cookie sounds absolutely amazing!!
The chili bowl is so beautiful too.
I've never had the spinach and mushroom pizza from Daiya, I didn't know it had a white sauce, sounds delicious!!

Sarah said...

OMG it all looks so good! I need those breakfast tacos in my life! I've never tried the spinach and mushroom daiya pizza, that sounds like a perfect combination to me. The Lulu's goodies look amazing, I need those in my life!

Cadry said...

Everything looks amazing! I picked up Be-hive seitan in 3 flavors while in Nashville, and the chorizo is already gone, gone, gone. I love the intensity of flavor in it!

Susan said...

The stuff from Lulu's looks amazing!
I am intrigued by pickled okra, I have an up and down relationship with okra, but I have never had it pickled.

Jennifer said...

Is pickled okra slimy?