Thursday, August 22, 2019

Brats, Bowls, and Breakfast Sandwiches!

Last night, I had plans to go to my usual Wednesday night yoga class, but then I just happened to be scrolling Instagram and saw Imagine Vegan Cafe's special of the day — a Beyond Brat with Chao Cheese, Vegan Ranch, & BBQ Sauce on a Pretzel Bun. Ummmmm, how could I miss that?

Because I had other errands to do (and an early bedtime), I had to choose between yoga and a vegan brat. I chose the brat! I got Potato Salad on the side. Y'all, THIS WAS MAGICAL. I'd never think to put ranch on a brat, but the folks at Imagine are always thinking outside the box.

On Tuesday, my co-worker Caitlin and I had lunch at Global Café in Crosstown Concourse (where we work). I'd not yet tried the Vegan Black Bean Arepa from the Venezuelan food stall, so that's what I got. It was simply arepa, black beans, and pico, but it was so good. The beans are so well-spiced, and the arepa was fluffy and not-at-all greasy (like other arepa I've had in the past).

I've been eating Tofu Avocado Breakfast Sandwiches this week for breakfast! Tofu cooked with Vegg yolk mix, mashed avo, and Food for Life sprouted grain english muffins. Such a quick and filling breakfast.

I've also been eating lots of bowls this week. I had some leftover coconut curry sauce (just coconut milk and red curry paste) from last week's jackfruit curry. So I used that to top this bowl with tofu, kale, bell pepper, carrot, red cabbage, garlic, fresh turmeric, and brown rice maifun noodles.

Here's a similar bowl (same tofu and veggies) with quinoa and this Ginger Miso Tahini Sauce from Minimalist Baker.

Oh hey, I dyed my hair! I wasn't intending on going THIS red. But I didn't have time to drive out to Sprouts or Whole Foods for more natural vegan hair dye, and the only vegan dye that Walgreens by my house carries is Splat (which only makes wild colors). But I love it!! I've done crazy colors before, and they're a lot of maintenance, which is why I generally stick with more natural colors. I'm lazy! But I'll probably keep this color up for a few months at least.


Hillary said...

I've never had an arepa. I need to change that, they always look so good!!
That breakfast sandwich looks so good. For some reason I ate so many breakfast sandwiches when I first went vegan!!! Those were the days!!!!
Your hair looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG YOUR HAAAAAAAAIR!!!! I love it, you look amazing!!! Everything looks so tasty but oh wow, that arepa! That looks delicious, how lucky to have that so accessible at work! It's so funny because I was thinking about meal prepping breakfast sandwiches for next week, now I totally have to because yours looks awesome!

Susan said...

Your hair looks amazing!!!!
I 100% would have chosen Imagine over yoga that day, sometimes you need to do things for food.

Jennifer said...

Your hair looks great!

If you want to keep it bright red you could look at Overtone. They have a conditioner that has a little bit of red dye keeping your hair bright and need less dye jobs. But it can be pricey, so you could try googling other vegan options out there.