Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Breakfast Sandwiches & Doughnuts!!

My friends at Lulu's Baked took a few weeks off selling their amazing treats at the farmers markets while they moved to a new prep space. And I was having serious Lulu's withdrawals. But they came through in a big way this past weekend! I stopped by for my favorite Smoked Carrot & Cashew Cheddar Bun (enjoyed after a trail walk/run!!! I'm kinda running again!).

And while I was there, they hooked me up with some free treats, like this Tofu English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich. Don made the muffins from scratch, and they were amazing!! I hope they start selling these every week! Not pictured were the free brioche they also gave me (they weren't happy with that brioche batch so they gave some to their regular customers, but they tasted amazing to me!).

Imagine Vegan Cafe had DOUGHNUT DAY this past Sunday!!! They don't make doughnuts every week, but when they do, Memphis vegans lose their minds. I stopped by for a Chocolate Pecan Doughnut!

And finally, check out this amazing meal! The cafe at Crosstown Arts (where I work) recreated the Kid Cuisine microwave meal as a vegan Big Kid Cuisine! This has handmade seitan nuggets with BBQ sauce, tots (!!!), arugula salad, and a brownie. The seitan was insanely delicious, and while I'm not usually into arugula, it was a nice balance to all that fried goodness (and the dressing was really yummy).


Hillary said...

I was never allowed to eat Kid's Cuisines but now I want an adult version!!
Getting some free imperfect baked goods seems like a really great day to me!!
Yay I bet you're so happy to be running again!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG YUM!!! It all looks so good! Don really did come through, it all looks incredible! I can't believe I still haven't had a doughnut and omg the Big Kid Cuisine meal is too perfect! The nuggets look so delicious and you can never go wrong with tots.

Susan said...

This post is carby heaven!