Thursday, July 18, 2019

Artichoke Burgers by Foodies

I love a good plant-based meat burger, like Beyond or Impossible. But now that I'm trying to focus on whole foods most of the time, I'd rather save those for occasional treats. For everyday burger needs, I prefer a veggie- or nut-based patty, but there aren't many burgers on the market that are made entirely of whole foods.

A few months ago, the folks at Five Star Foodies sent me some free product coupons to review their artichoke burgers and vegan frittatas. I'd tried their eggless frittata (made with a base of pumpkin seeds and potato!) before, but I'd never seen their burgers for sale around here. When I looked the burgers up on their website, I was excited to see they were made with real stuff, like brown rice, cashews, artichokes, onions, nooch, potato flour, and apple cider vinegar. No ingredients you can't pronounce!

It took me FOREVER to find these locally. The Kroger store that used to sell the Five Star Foodies Frittatas when I'd last purchased them no longer carried anything from them. I also couldn't find their products at Whole Foods or Sprouts. But I kept the coupons in my wallet just in case I happened upon some, and lo and behold, that finally happened at the Poplar Plaza Kroger! They didn't have the frittatas, but they did have two flavors of the burgers.

I've tried both the Original and the French Herb this week, and both were excellent. The patties are soft, as most veggie-based burgers are. But they retain their shape after a few bites, which is impressive. The Original has a hint of artichoke and a satisfying fattiness from the cashews, and the French Herb has a garlicky rosemary flavor.

I enjoyed the Original patty topped with a slice of Daiya American cheese and enjoyed with some sweet potato fries made in the air fryer. And the French Herb made an excellent work day lunch topped with red onion, pickle, lettuce, and dijon.

These burgers also come in Indian Tandoori, Thai Coconut, and Italian Herb. All of those sound great, but if I ever spot those Indian or Thai patties, they're definitely making it into my cart!

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Sarah said...

Oooh these sound so good! They both sound delicious but a garlicky rosemary flavor? Yum, count me in!