Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ethiopian Lentils! Spinach Fettucine! Brioche!

Last week, I met a friend for dinner at Blue Nile — the best Ethiopian joint in town! I usually get their Vegetarian Platter because it has a little of everything on it. But this time, I was craving a big bowl of my favorite Ethiopian stew, Messir Wat. This red lentil stew is SO GOOD scooped up with spongey injera bread. For my sides, I picked Collard Greens and Cabbage.

Last Saturday, the Crosstown Memphis CDC held a big yard sale at Crosstown Concourse, and I (wo)manned a Crosstown Arts info table at the event. I was there from 7 am-3 pm, so that meant I'd have to miss my usual Saturday morning trip to the Lulu's booth at the CY Farmer's Market. But my friend Susan saved the day! She showed up to the yard sale with this Lulu's Tomato Basil Brioche in hand right as I was starting to think about snack time.

Around lunch that same day, I decided to grab some takeout from the cafe at Crosstown Arts. They only serve brunch on Saturdays, but the brunch menu features both traditional breakfast items and more lunch-y things, like this Vegan Spinach Fettucine with Bolognese Sauce, Garlic Bread, & Caper Berries. 

WOW. This blew me away! The pasta was handmade (and VEGAN!!!), and the meaty sauce was made with Beyond burger. A co-worker, who is not vegan, tried a bite and loved it. She wanted to get a plate for herself but forgot to get over to the cafe before they closed. Several other people checked out my plate while I was eating and, after just looking at it, went upstairs to get their own serving. 

Of course, I don't eat out every day! I try to balance those decadent meals with healthy things at home, like this breakfast of Strawberry Flax Walnut Oats with chocolate peanut butter powder stirred into the oats.


Susan said...

That pasta looks amazing!

Hillary said...

Wow, the pasta and brioche look out of this world!!
I am really craving Ethiopian food now!!

Sarah said...

Oh yum, such amazing meals! That brioche looks amazing and the pasta with garlic bread, yum!!! It all looks so delicious!

Jennifer said...

Those red lentils look amazing!