Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Oh Snap!

Call me cliche, but I love a good pickle — pickled cucumbers, pickled okra, pickled beets, pickled just about anything! Pickles are a go-to snack when I'm not actually hungry but just want to be eating something, which, let's be real, is every moment between meal times.

But packing pickles for work can be messy since the brine tends to spill everywhere in my lunch bag. And forget about eating pickles on the road! I have a year-old Subaru Crosstrek, and I still freak out when any food or liquid comes anywhere near my seats.

But Oh Snap! Pickling Co. is making pickle-snacking more convenient! These crisp, sour pickles come in easy-to-carry, brine-free packages. That means you can toss them in your purse or lunch bag and even eat them in the car!

They sent me a few flavors to review, and I've been enjoying them over the past couple weeks. First, I tried the Hoppin' Jalapenos on a Black Bean, Roasted Pineapple, & Plantain Bowl with Avo-Lime Dressing (from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook). The recipe didn't call for jalapenos, but after assembling the bowl, I knew something was missing. Hot peppers! These crisp pickled jalapenos were fairly mild but they added just the right level of heat and tang. These would also be good as snack on their own.

The Pretty Peas made a nice side to a sandwich one day at work. These snap peas are brined and slightly sour, but they maintain their crispy bite.

But my very fave were the Carrot Cuties! I had these today as a morning snack, along with a slice of fresh rosemary bread and some strawberries. These slim sticks have a light pickled flavor with a satisfying snap.

I haven't opened the Dilly Bites yet, but I've actually picked these up at a gas station in the past during a road trip. I was very impressed that the pickle slices retained their dilly flavor and crispness without brine.


Sarah said...

OMG pickle snack packs!! Genius! I'll have to keep an eye out for these! ;)

Jennifer said...

pickled snap peas are my favorite! Good to know I am not the only one who does it.