Monday, April 13, 2015

Stuff I Ate

I eat stuff. I take pictures. Here's a round-up.

One of my favorite breakfast snacks right now is Sriracha Peanut Butter Marmite Toast! I put all that stuff on Ezekiel bread. So weird but so good. By the way, I used PB2 on this toast to cut back on calories since this was a pre-brunch snack.

Still eating lots of oats for breakfast. This is Earnest Eats Hot 'n' Fit Cereal with Strawberries and Superfood Trail Mix. Healthy and filling.

And since I'm all about balance, of course I had to show you my not-so-healthy breakfast! I had this Breakfast Burrito (stuffed with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, and vegan cheese) with Guacamole and a Hash Brown (deep-fried of course) at Imagine Vegan Cafe on Sunday.

I'm not into Easter in a religious sense, but I do love the candy. I picked up this Sjaak's Peanut Butter Melk Chocolate Egg in Seattle. Ate it on Easter Sunday while watching House of Cards. 

I also picked up a Sjaak's Melk Chocolate Almond Butter Bunny in Seattle too! Mmmm ... filled with almond butter!

Omg, I finally found the Just Cookie Dough from Hampton Creek for sale at Kroger! I've been looking for this stuff, but our Whole Foods doesn't have it yet. And Kroger can't keep it in stock. Have y'all had this yet? HOLY CRAP IT'S SO GOOD!

I wish I'd remembered to take a pic of these awesome Vegan Chili Cheese Fries from Imagine Vegan Cafe before I polished off half the plate. But I couldn't stop myself long enough to take one. That's how good these were.

Again with the balance. I found these ready-to-juice veggies on manager's special at Kroger. Convenient. No rinsing or chopping necessary, but the bag promises two servings of juice. And all I got was about six ounces.

Enjoyed this Hemp Spacebar vegan "meat" stick before yoga one day. Stephanie brought this back for me from England back in December. Been hoarding it for just the right moment. Loved the chewy, meaty texture.

We had our monthly Vegan Drinks meetup at Evelyn & Olive (a Jamaican restaurant) a couple weeks ago. I had the Black Bean Tacos with Tofu, Slaw, and Kiwi Salsa, Jamaican Rice & Peas, and Tomato-Cucumber Salad.

Paul and I attended the Memphis Redbirds (our minor league baseball team) exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals last week at AutoZone Park. I grabbed a Veggie Dog and a Sweetwater 420! Local vegans, note that the veggie dogs have moved to an upstairs concession stand for now, so they're nearly impossible to find. But they're there.

April 3rd was my daddy's 61st birthday! We went to Jonesboro for the day and grabbed some takeout pizza from Uncle Maddio's. I went with Daiya, marinara, broccoli, red onion, tomatoes, black olives, and mushrooms!

Last Saturday was the Healthy Memphis Food Fest, which strangely did not offer much in the way of food. But Cassi was there selling cupcakes for her Pink Diva Cupcakery. I actually helped her bake some the Friday night before. I grabbed a Spicy Diva (chili chocolate cake with cherry buttercream).

After my cupcake, I found a little balance with this Go Green Detox Juice from Cosmic Coconut (Memphis' all-vegan juice bar).

Later that same day, I finally got a proper meal in with these Tofu Sofritas Tacos from Chipotle! This was my first time ordering the new tofu sofritas, and it is sooooo good. Also, I love how they just pile on the guac.

Finally, here's a fantastic Tofu Kabob Plate from the Stickem Food Truck last week. They were selling lunch at the Tennessee Brewery Revival beer garden. They really have the best tofu in town I think.


VeganFire said...

The Wheaty Space bars are one of my faves, especially the chorizo version

Hillary said...

Wow, all of it looks amazing! The tacos, pizza, and tofu skewers are real standouts though!

Babette said...

Your food life hasn't been boring at all lately it seems! There was a store who carried the spacebars a while ago in Montreal and they were the best.

Cookie dough chocolate chip? I had not even heard about those!

I would totally order those tacos with so much yummy guacamole.

Where did you get that Vegan plate?

Dana Vickerson said...

There is a Chipoltle right by my office, and I have never gone and tried the sofritos. Those tacos look amazing, though. Looks like I know what I'm doing for lunch soon. Now if I can only resist eating 2 pounds of salty chips! :)

Bianca said...

Babette, that vegan plate was a gift from my friend Sheridan a couple years ago, but I know she got it from the Vegan Dish (now called Vessels and Wares) pottery shop on Etsy. Here's the link. They don't have that one anymore but still some super cute stuff. I also have one of the nooch jars, and I LOVE IT!

Ingredient1 said...

We've never heard of the Space Bars - we'll have to check them out (if they're sold in the US)! The brand "Primal Strips" also puts out a nice meatless jerky line. We'd be happy to send you the nutrition facts if interested!

Susan said...

Being Australian, I am of course a Vegemite girl over marmite, but I also enjoy Vegemite and peanut butter together. I can imagine the sriracha would go quite nicely!

Babette said...

I thought about Vegan Dish when I saw your plate, but the design and color were different from what I associate with that company. I would love to invest into one of those dishes, but they are pretty pricey. I should still indulge.

Unknown said...

The vegan Easter candy looks incredible! I would love to see what the inside of the nut butter bunny looks like once you dive in!