Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Burgers, Air-fried Okra, and the BEST ICE CREAM BAR

I think they say Labor Day weekend is the end of grilling season, but in Memphis, we're solidly in summer weather until mid-October. So we did grill out on Sunday, but it likely won't be the last time this year! I made Beyond Burgers, and as usual, we grilled mushrooms, corn, and asparagus (three veggies Paul will actually eat).

I also recently tried the Gardein Ultimate Black Bean Burgers, and they were good! I love the Ultimate chicken, so I figured I'd give the bean burgers a try. I still prefer a meaty Beyond burger over a bean patty, but I do feel healthier eating these.

My neighbor Dennis gave me some okra from his garden a few weeks back, and I used the last of it as a side for my black bean burger. Per Dennis' recipe, I marinated halved okra pods in Bragg's, nooch, hot sauce, and olive oil, and then I dusted them with cornmeal. He recommended roasting the okra, but I air-fried mine because I'm lazy, and ovens take forever. These were really good!

And finally, y'all, omg. Have y'all tried the Wicked Foods Berry White ice cream bars??? I have been looking all over for them, and my neighborhood Kroger finally had them in stock. These have vanilla ice cream coated in vegan white chocolate with berry bits (and berry filling inside the vanilla ice cream). Best ice cream thing I've ever eaten!! 

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Beverlee said...

I tried those ice cream bars a few months ago! Caught my eye while perusing the Magnum Almond Milk Ice Cream Bars (also very good). I'm not a white chocolate person at all but they looked so good. They did not disappoint and were amazing!