Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Tofu Scram, Tofu Thai Curry, & Mac & Cheeze!

It's taper week for my 50K! And that meant Sunday's recovery run was extra short. And that meant that I finished my run in time for brunch. And that meant Tofu Scramble & Avocado Toast

I listened to a Another Mother Runner podcast about taper nutrition a couple weeks ago, and they included a taper nutrition plan in the show notes. So I downloaded that plan, and I'm using it to plan my meals and hydration this week. The plan came with a couple recipes, and though they weren't vegan, they were easily veganizable. There was a Thai Curry that called for chicken so I made it with tofu (which was actually a suggestion on the recipe notes, so that was cool). It's not the prettiest curry, but it was tasty. The sauce is made with coconut milk and red curry paste, and it has red bell pepper, zucchini, and tofu. I air-fried some okra on the side (a gift from my neighbor Dennis' garden).

For me, tapering is all about getting in those healthy carbs! So I'm doing lots of potatoes and whole wheat pasta this week. I made this Vegan Mac & Cheese with Potato-Carrot Sauce from The Plant-Based Athlete, and it was AWESOME. The sauce is made from potatoes, carrots, nooch, and miso, and you stir in pasta, vegan sausage, and broccoli. The recipe was contributed by Julia Murray of Hooked on Plants, and her stuff is always great.


NN said...

Good luck on your 50k!

I did a virtual one earlier this summer, and a 42.2 actual race a few weeks ago. So nice to see people again! :)

Susan said...

That mac and cheese sounds amazing! I love seeing how much fun you are having with these meals.

wee said...

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