Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Que Pasa Tortilla Chips

Just before my birthday back in October, Que Pasa sent me a few bags of their tortilla chips and some salsa to review. I was already a Que Pasa fan (because they make the best vegan nacho tortilla chips!), but I'd never tried their plain tortilla chip varieties.

And variety they have! They sent four bags — Red Corn, Yellow Corn, Blue Corn, and Thin & Crispy with Twist of Lime.

They also included a couple jars of salsa in mild and medium! The salsas were perfect. Just the right amount of chunky tomatoes and garlic-chile flavor. Neither mild nor medium had much heat to them, but I'm a spice-aholic, so medium might be spicy for some folks. 

I've mostly been eating the salsa straight from the jar with tortilla chips. But some did make it onto a Nacho Quinoa Bowl with the Red Corn Chips. I made this with quinoa, black beans, scallions, vegan cheddar, Que Pasa salsa, and vegan sour cream, plus crumbled Que Pasa Red Corn chips on top. I wanted something a little more wholesome than straight-up nachos, so adding a few bits of chips on top with a quinoa base did the trick. And so simple to make!

The Red Corn tortilla chips were probably my second-fave of the bunch. I opened that bag first, and I had to try them Microwave Nacho style! Growing up, my dad often made microwave nachos with tortilla chips and melted, shredded cheese (and sometimes pickled jalapenos). This is still one of my favorite snacks. I used Follow Your Heart cheddar-style shreds. Enjoyed here with a chili-topped frozen Amy's burrito.

My fave chips are the Thin & Crispy Twist of Lime chips! They're those thin restaurant-quality chips that are super crisp. They have just a teensy hint of lime that's not overpowering. Paul and I devoured this bag within days.

The Yellow Corn and Blue Corn chips were equally delicious. 

They're much thicker than the aforementioned lime chips, which makes them perfect for dipping into vegan cheese dips and hummus. I brought the Yellow Corn chips to a potluck on Monday night along with some Buffalo Chickpea Dip (made for a cookbook review that I'll be posting soon — more on this awesome dip later!). Also, no idea why I grabbed the smallest chip segment for this pic. I was in a hurry! Running late to the potluck!

These chips are awesome, and I'll definitely be buying these often. Yay for Que Pasa!!


Blake Fraina said...

I have no idea what cookbook that dip recipe came from, but I'm so glad you're going to be reviewing it soon, because I think I need to get me a copy. That dip looks like the perfect New Year's Eve drunk snack!

Sarah said...

Yum! These chips sound so good. I love chips with a twist of lime, that definitely sounds right up my alley!

Jennifer said...

I need to do everything in my power to find this brand!