Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stuff I Ate

I have a bunch of random food pics of things I ate before I started my pre-marathon meal plan. So here ya go! More coming at ya tomorrow.

My friend Pam did a vegan version of the Whole 30 plan awhile back, and as her post-cleanse celebration meal, we met for tacos and margs at the new Tennessee Taco Company, where all of the tacos have Tennessee-themed names. I got the Bonnaroo Breakfast Taco with tots, guac, & salsa (hold the cheese) and the Caulilujah Taco with crispy cauliflower, roasted corn, and avocado (we subbed fresh avocado for the avocado crema that comes on this taco). Plus, a side of Black Beans and a "jumbo" margarita. The food was good, but everything was served cold (except the beans, which were piping hot and expertly seasoned). The food temp was a bummer. And the "jumbo" margarita was actually just pint-glass sized, and that was also a bummer. I'm hoping they work out the kinks because I want to like a place that has tater tot tacos.

One day at work, I brought a frozen Amy's burrito with me and grabbed a side of Red Lentil Soup from I Love Juice Bar in Crosstown Concourse. It was very good soup. Btw, we have temporary furniture at work, so all of our working areas have our names on them.

A few Saturdays ago, the Memphis Flyer (my old employer) had a crafts and beer fair at Crosstown Concourse (my new employer). Of course I had to go to that! They had a couple food trucks there, and one — Rice Burner — had Veggie Spring Rolls and Veggie Dumplings, so I had a little fried lunch.

Here's a breakfast of champions made by two of my favorite local baker dudes — Garlic-Onion Dave's Bagel topped with hand-crafted Cashew Mozzarella by Don of Lulu's Baked. Sprinkled with Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.

Beyond Burgers are hands-down the best burgers on the market. I love them. Paul loves them. We try to eat them often. Seen here with Daiya cheddar.

We also love the Boca Chicken Patties, and here's one with Daiya and a side salad. These are pretty much our go-to dinner when nothing else is planned.

Here's a dimly lit (but delicious) box of Red Beans & Rice with vegan sausage from Imagine Vegan Cafe. I got this as takeout one night after running a 20-miler that morning. I needed that protein and ALL THOSE CARBS. YUM! I also got a side of their collard greens for good measure.


Sarah said...

Everything looks so yummy! I have to say that a tot taco is pretty much the most genius thing I've heard in a long time. I definitely need to try that. And I need to try hard tacos because in 34 years of life I've never had one. I know, I'm weird. Those spring rolls look perfectly crispy and delicious! Springs rolls and dumplings are a perfect meal :)

Unknown said...

More great eats! Sooooo wish I was there to try each and every one of them!

Susan said...

Definitely a downer that the tacos were served cold. Cold tots? So wrong!
Everything else sounds great!

Unknown said...

I was actually just reading how Beyond burgers are now available in a ton of additional grocery stores- they're being displayed in the meat section (yikes!) and have had really crazy success (yay!!), i think it's really exciting to see so many people choosing a vegan option, even if it's just one meal in large numbers that makes a difference. I hope that one day the meatless option is a default choice for everyone!

And i bet you could make some awesome tot tacos that get to the table hot, those sound delicious (although less so when cold)