Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Stuff I Ate

A couple weeks ago, I had a morning meeting in the Cooper Young neighborhood, and we finished up right in time for lunch, so I popped into Imagine Vegan Cafe. Got an old fave — Beefless Tips & Rice with Kale & Sweet Potatoes. So much garlic, so much yum!

I finally ordered some more FitQuick Pizza Protein Waffles after being out for a long time. New Ethic had an awesome Black Friday sale, and I couldn't resist. I had one after a run with some leftover Chickpea & Roasted Tomato Marinara that I froze during my No Meat Athlete meal plan. That weird black stuff is spinach. It just turned dark after freezing, still good though.

Another quick breakfast — Tofu Scramble with Toast & Vegemite! I made the tofu scram using Vegg yolk to make it eggy. Don't tell my British friends, but I think I like Vegemite better (I know Susan will be proud).

Look what I found at Kroger! Finally! The vegan Halo Top ice cream. It's so good, and I can EAT THE WHOLE THING. I like that it has a very protein powder flavor. Seems like something I could eat after a workout and call it "health food."

One morning last week, after the Memphis Flyer holiday party (my old workplace — yea, I still crash their parties), I needed a little pick-me-up. I got a Hangover Helper shot from Juice Bar in Concourse. This has coconut water, lemon, and activated charcoal, and it really helps!

That same day, I grabbed lunch from Mama Gaia in Concourse. I had the Gaia Pita with baked falafel and greens. This typically has feta, but I left that off and we swapped out the tzatziki sauce for the vegan Mama Gaia sauce. And I had some baked fries on the side!

More random meals tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I keep looking for that Halo Top ice cream. I love that protein-y taste in foods. But there are now so many protein ice creams that sometimes I forget which brand makes the vegan one after awhile. XD

Amey said...

I stocked up on the Fit Quick waffle mix on that Black Friday sale too. It was such a great deal!! Otherwise, I kinda stopped ordering it because it's so expensive, especially with shipping. So, for now ,I'm rolling in waffles!

Hillary said...

I saw the vegan halo top ice cream at whole foods but it was too expensive for me to try without knowing if I'll like it. I see now that I made the right choice as I am not a fan of protein powder tastes at all. It is amazing that it's so low calorie though!

Susan said...

This is a proud day for me indeed. *sniff* ;)