Monday, December 18, 2017

Kind Confections! Vegan Baker in Jonesboro, Arkansas!

Y'all, my hometown has a vegan baked goods caterer now! The company is called Kind Confections, and it's run by baker Katie Laden. My mom's side of the family gathered at Me-Maw's for Christmas this past Sunday, so my mom placed an order for two-dozen cupcakes and two-dozen holiday cookies. Ssssh — she didn't tell anyone they were vegan (except for me and my dad), and no one knew the difference!

My fave were the Santa Hat Shortbread Cookies. I've always loved frosted cookies, but they're so hard to find vegan. And as much as I love to bake, I have zero patience for decorating. These were both adorable and delicious. They were buttery with just the right balance of softness and firmness — soft enough to melt in your mouth but firm enough to hold up being transported.

As you can see, we couldn't stay out of them long enough to photograph a full box!

Mama ordered two different cupcake flavors — Chocolate!

And Coconut!

These were both fantastic. I had a whole chocolate one at the holiday party, and it was lovely. I'm a frosting girl, and I love that big poof of frosting on top, especially since it has those little chocolate shavings. My cousin Sarah's kid is a frosting girl too (she's a toddler), and she licked the frosting off two cupcakes! I ate the whole thing and loved every bite.

I took a bite of my mom's coconut cupcake, and it was so awesome. Vanilla cake with a mound of coconut frosting. Coconut cake has long been a fave, so I put one of these up in the freezer to save for Solstice Night! Reminds me of my Granny's (dad's mom) coconut icebox cake.

If you're in the Jonesboro area and need delicious, fresh vegan baked goods, call Kind Confections at 870-530-7484 or email You can also find them on Facebook!


Sarah said...

How great for you to share to local love! The Santa hats are adorable and the cupcakes look so delicious!

Hillary said...

I'm a frosting girl too and that mound of frosting is calling my name!