Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More Stuff I Ate

I'm back again with more random meal pics!

Just a few days before starting my marathon meal plan, we had our monthly Memphis Vegan Drinks meetup at Next Door in Crosstown Concourse. Their Roasted Veggie Bowl is one of my favorite restaurant meals in Memphis! Roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, peppers, and broccolini over quinoa with sunflower seeds and tahini sauce. It's just perfect.

I also ordered some of Next Door's insanely awesome Kale Chips for the table to share.

And Stephen ordered the Fried Pickles & Pepperoncinis, which we learned were vegan without the aioli sauce. YAY!

And Melissa and Anthony shared their appetizer of Guacamole & Chips with the table. 

On Sunday morning, the day after my marathon, I got an intense ice cream craving! Luckily, I had some Revolution Gelato Cardamom Kiss Vegan Gelato in the freezer. And my friend Mike gifted me a big batch of Snickerdoodles for the holidays, so I made a sundae (on a Sunday!).

Later that day, as I cleaned the house (very slowly, with my sore, sore muscles!), I snacked on Crackers with Vegan Cheddar. I'd missed my vegan cheese over those two weeks of eating (mostly) whole foods.

On Monday, my first non-smoothie breakfast in two weeks was a Dave's Bagel with Avocado & Vegemite. Admittedly a weird combo but tasty.

I found Peppermint Dandies (!!!) at Sprouts, so I put some in my coffee yesterday — a trick I learned at Vida Vegan Con in Austin a couple years ago. Can't wait to have these in some hot chocolate!

Finally — here's lunch from today! The Memphia Petittzza (smoked tofu, BBQ sauce, smoked onions, & vegan cheese on a pita) with a side of Vegetable Soup and Green Tea Ginger Lemonade from Mama Gaia — Crosstown Concourse's totally vegetarian, all-organic restaurant. I'm so lucky to work in such an awesome building!


Hillary said...

Avocado and vegemite actually sounds pretty tasty! The roasted vegetable plate looks really really beautiful!
A sundae in bed on a Sunday sounds like a pretty great day!

Jennifer said...

Peppermint Dandies!? WOW!!!! I have a hard enough time finding regular vegan 'mellows! Great find! It's always puzzled me why most companies only offer minty things during the holidays! I love minty things ALL YEAR!

Susan said...

Vegemite and avocado is a pretty common combination here. I love it! My pre-work breakfast is toast with vegemite, avocado, a sprinkle of dried turmeric and some fresh tomato. So good!

I am glad to hear that you are a Vegemite fan! Vegemite >>>> all other mites. ;)