Sunday, June 4, 2017

Que Pasa Vegan Tortilla Chips!

When I first went vegan back in 2004, there were a handful of foods that were hard to let go of — fried eggs, cheese pizza, candy bars, sour cream & onion chips, and nacho cheese Doritos. Back then, the vegan cheese and egg options were slim and not very tasty. And there were no vegan candy bars. No vegan sour cream chips. And no vegan nacho chips.

Over the years, of course, options for those things have come onto the market. And they just keep getting better and better. Beanfield's released the first vegan nacho tortilla chip a few years back, and man, that was life-changing! But now there's another new vegan nacho chip on the scene, and it's even closer in texture and flavor to those neon orange Doritos. Meet Que Pasa! They generously sent me three bags to review.

They make a vegan nacho chip, a sweet & spicy ranch chip, and a jalapeno & lime chip. These are organic and made with stone-ground corn, chia, and quinoa. Beanfield's are GREAT, and I buy those all of the time, but they're bean & rice chips so they taste a little different than your average tortilla chip. These taste much more like a traditional corn tortilla.

Of course my favorite is the Nacho! These chips get their cheesy flavor from a vegan cheese seasoning made with rice flour, cane sugar, sea salt, and spices (onion, tomato, garlic, paprika, jalapeno, and bell pepper powders). The best part is licking the orange cheese off your fingers when you're done.

I also used to love Cool Ranch Doritos, and the Sweet & Spicy Ranch Que Pasa chips are a healthier (and dare I say tastier) version. They use vegan buttermilk powder to give these that ranch flavor.

I can't say that I've ever had a non-vegan Jalapeno & Lime chip, but these are pretty fantastic too. They're not very spicy, but they have a nice peppery bite. And there's a tanginess from the lime that balances out the mild heat.

These days, there's a vegan version for everything! It's so freakin' easy to be a vegan — way easier than back in 2004. Especially with these chips! I haven't seen these flavors sold in Memphis, sadly. But I have seen the plain Que Pasa chips at Whole Foods, so I'll ask to see if they can stock these. If you can find them in your area, buy them!! You won't regret it.


vegan peace said...

I love the Beanfields chips so much, especially the ranch! I've heard there was a new vegan ranch chip, but I haven't seen these sold anywhere either. They look good though.

Cadry said...

Oh, I will keep an eye out for the nacho! I'm always on the lookout for a new chip to top taco pizza. These sound terrific!

Susan said...

Beanfields chips are so good! We don't have this brand here yet. I did have another brand of jalapeno and lime chips a couple of weeks ago. I could only go in small doses, they were a bit too spicy for me, but I loved the zesty lime kick so I kept going back for more!
Do you have an IKEA anywhere near you? Because they have vegan sour cream and onion chips. I haven't ever had them (I was about to buy some recently and then remembered that I didn't like that flavour in my pregan days), but people say good things.