Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Camping Food at Bonnaroo

Hi again! Yesterday, I posted about all of the amazing vegan food I enjoyed at Bonnaroo this past weekend. Pizza, burritos, samosa, and ALL THE FRIES. Bonnaroo — a 4-day music & arts fest in Manchester, Tennessee — is super vegan-friendly. But it IS a festival, and that means "festival prices." One order of fries ran me $10 (granted, they were covered in peanut sauce and onions), and my burrito was $12.

That means I have to eat a few meals at the campsite to save money. Paul and I always camp in guest camping, which is a VIP area for press, artists, and vendors. It's in a lovely wooded area with easy access to town, so we usually make a daily drive out to Walmart. There aren't many shopping options in rural Manchester, and the Walmart becomes a haven for fest-goers looking to restock beer and ice, cool off in the A/C, and use flushable toilets. It's amazing how fancy a Walmart bathroom feels when you've been using porta-potties for days.

Anyway, my point is, snacks and cheaper food are easy to find outside the fest. I typically bring a lot of instant meals with me, but I usually buy a few more treats at Walmart. I brought one of those Go Picnic Meals to enjoy in the car on the long drive to Manchester. This had a small container of black bean dip with plantain chips, a package of edamame/sunflower seed/pepita trail mix, a package of banana chip/crystalized ginger/candied peanuts mix, and an apricot fruit strip. Great car snacks!

On Friday morning, I had my first breakfast at camp. I have a portable gas camping stove that I always pack, and it's great for boiling water for oat cups and soup cups. On that morning, I had a Summer Berries Oat Cup with Berry Almond Butter and a Black Cold Brew Coffee.

On a trip to Walmart on Thursday, I picked up some Black Bean & Jalapeno Hummus with Baby Carrots to keep in our cooler. I had some of this for lunch.

And I also had a Namaste Vegan Broccoli & Cheese Soup cup. This was noochy and amazing! It came in a Vegan Cuts Fitness Box that I'll be blogging about soon.

On Saturday morning, I had more oats! This time, it was Bob's Red Mill Blueberry & Flax Oats with Wowbutter. Both of those were also in that Fitness Box. Another Black Cold Brew Coffee too. This meal powered me through a 10 a.m. outdoor yoga class on the festival grounds.

Lunch on Saturday was more hummus/carrots with a Dr. McDougall's Vegan Chicken Ramen soup cup. YUM!

On Sunday, I woke up craving something savory. I had more oat cups in my bag, but instead, I opted for a Dr. McDougall's Vegan Tortilla Soup. This had baked chips already in it, but I crumbled a few more Que Pasa Jalapeno Lime Chips on top. Because chips!

That's it for my camping meals. The rest of my meals were overpriced festy meals, but they were oh-so-worth it!


Sarah said...

It looks like you were well prepared! Between the delicious camping food and the amazing looking meals you got there it looks like you ate well! What a fun weekend!

vegan peace said...

That hummus looks so delicious! Food is always so expensive at activities and festivals and such. What a drag. But it looks like you had some delicious camping food to round out the festival treats. It seems so fun!

vegan.in.brighton said...

I love seeing the Go Picnic boxes! They always seem like such a fun way to snack!

Unknown said...

You were so well prepared! Nice selection of instant oat cups you had there. Have you tried the dr mcdougall's instant grain salads? The quinoa lentil is really delicious! Totally perfect for traveling or camping

Susan said...

Noodle and oat cups are lifesavers!
Annoyingly oat cups are very hard to find here.